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May 1, 2019
CHIFOO (Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon) - CHIFOO Event: Researching Smart + Spatial Computing
Connective DX

CHIFOO presents: Researching Smart + Spatial Computing with Hannah Scurfield!

Understanding how humans will react and engage with new and emerging platforms can be challenging, particularly with smart and spatial computing. These types of experiences often depart from existing mental models of human-machine interaction and are often tricky to prototype. Traditional behavioral research methods often become less effective, meaning researchers need to experiment with new ways to gather learning.

Using examples from research into mixed and augmented reality experiences, we will explore these hurdles and discuss techniques for gathering insights when existing research methods prove inadequate.

Join this session to hear about experimenting with user experience design research techniques and how people interact with augmented and mixed reality experiences.

About the Speaker

Hannah drives technology innovation by researching people, behaviors and culture. She works with design, development, product and business teams to help build products and experiences that people love. She has nearly 18 years’ experience in both research and design roles in the technology industry and an exciting 14 years spent working in the innovation labs of global technology leaders.

Her career has been focused on emerging platforms, from early mobile computing and the Internet of things to augmented and virtual reality experiences. A background in film, human-computer interaction and ergonomics prepared Hannah for experimenting with smart and spatial computing and her current passion: reimagining the traditional screen-based design research studio.

Hannah likes blank sheets of paper and big questions with no answers.

Meeting Details
5:30 - 6:30: CHIFOOd and Registration: Please join us before the meeting to enjoy dinner and networking. Food and beverages will be available for $5.

6:30 - 8:00: CHIFOO program starts at 6:30pm.
This meeting is free for CHIFOO Members & $5.00 for non-CHIFOO Members. Become a member today at Raffle Tickets are $1.00 for two (available at door during Registration).

Please note: CHIFOO wants to make sure that each meeting is a great experience for everyone. If you need an accommodation to help you better enjoy CHIFOO meetings and events please let our CHIFOO Programs Chair know how we can help a few days prior to CHIFOO event.

May 17, 2013
Cleanweb Hackathon = (Cleantech + IT) + Charrette + Some Good Company
through Earth Advantage

This hackathon is different than is a two day charrette to bring together developers, designers and innovators building web or mobile apps to solve environmental issues and enjoy a few good company.

Here is the scoop about the hackathon.

Prizes First place: $1500 and three 50% off the admission to the NEXT Startup Weekend Second place: $500 and two 50% off the admission to Tech for Change

Friday, 5/17 (optional but recommended) Kick-Off Party: Good food and beer will be there for you plus some good companies. An opportunity to scout teammates and networking & social

Saturday, 5/18 Commissioner Fish will speak. Bill Weihl, Sustainability Guru at Facebook will make cameo appearance via video conferencing. API, datasets and project ideas will be presented.

Sunday, 5/19 It is your time to shine. The final presentation will start at 3:30 and the prizes will be given out to the top two teams.

Breakfast and lunch are on us. Thanks to Chipotle!

See you all there!

Dec 7, 2010
CTO & Engineering Executive Forum: Social Media Inside the Engineering Department – Is it safe?
Morton's Steakhouse

At the October 20th Technology and IP Event, Fostering Innovation Through Social Media: Using it Openly But Wisely, speakers will present how organizations are using social media to drive innovation from a business development perspective. At the November 2nd CTO and Engineering Executive Forum we will continue to explore what social media looks like on the inside of an organization, specifically in the engineering department.

We know that social media has proven effective in outbound marketing strategies, but is the creation and exchange of user-generated content safe in an environment of innovation and trade secrets? Do you protect against social media? Do you cultivate social media? Or both?

Join your peers for dinner and a forum discussion of the possibilities for creating a culture of innovation by using social media.

Cost to Attend: $95 TechAmerica Members, $125 Nonmembers To Register: TechAmerica, (503) 624-4871

Mark Your Calendar - Future CTO & Engineering Executive Forum: - April 5, 2011

Apr 14, 2009
How to Use a Blog to Promote your business

When: Tuesday, April 14 2009 6-8:30pm

Where: 1562 Se Tacoma St. Portland or 97206

Cost: $75.00

You've heard of blogs, online journals where people write about different subjects and can sometimes use them to market your business, but how does it work? In this class, Ill explain what a blog is, how it can promote your business and how you can automate it.

In this class you will learn:

  • What a blog is
  • How to set-up a wordpress or blogger blog
  • How to use feedburner to automate your blogs
  • What blog directory sites to get on to promote your blog
  • How to get your blog entries onto Twitter
  • How to use blog widgets with your blog
  • How to let people subscribe to your blog by email
  • How to make your blog professional and tasteful

This is part one of a series of classes. If you RSVP for all four classes, before April 14th, I will give you a $50 discount from the total. See for details

RSVP: [email protected] or call 503-869-0163

Apr 21, 2009
How to use Linkedin and Biznik to promote your business and automate your time on them

How to use Linkedin and Biznik to promote your business

When: Tuesday April 21st 2009 6-8:30pm

Where: 1562 Se Tacoma St. Portland or 97206

Cost: $75.00

RSVP: [email protected] or 503-869-0163

Linkedin and Biznik are two of the more popular social networking sites available to professionals and entrepreneurs, but often I hear that people aren’t sure how to use these sites or how they will get you clients. I was once even told that someone thought that Linkedin was just another job hunting site. In this class, I clear up the confusion about these sites and show you how to automate them.

You will learn:

* How to set up a profile on Linkedin and Biznik
* How to use the Status update on Linkedin
* How to use the Question and Answer forum on Linkedin
* How to use Biztalk on Biznik
* What the groups feature is and how to use it on Linkedin and Biznik
* Why the recommendation/compliment can be helpful for growing your business.
* Why writing an article/putting on an event can be useful for raising your visibility.
* The protocol for inviting people into your network
Nov 14, 2017
I want to work for NAVEX Global w/David Nash (powered by FREE PIZZA)!

For November, we have David Nash as our very special guest.
This is the last meetup for the year as we will be taking a winter/holiday break in December.
So make sure you join us and learn from a Product Management legend in Portland!

Here's David's self-introduction:
"Since arriving here in ’92 from New York, Portland has been very, very good to me. Like the TV commercial says, ‘I know a few things because I’ve seen a few things’. I would add that I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people along the way. I came here courtesy of Intel, where I worked for some 17 years, and where I had the good fortune to reinvent myself several times: from motherboards to software-video & telecom, from Intel Labs, to venture investing and internal startups, I did everything I could to try new things, soak it all in, and become versatile. After leaving Intel in 2006, I spent 10 years at ADP Dealer Services (now known as CDK Global) where we built software for Automotive Retailers & OEMs. Last October – just about 1 year ago – I had the amazing good fortune to join NAVEX Global, who provides the world’s most comprehensive Ethics & Compliance SaaS platform – and has the inspiring mission of helping organizations protect their people, reputation, and bottom line. Our mission really speaks to me because, as a Boy Scout Leader for 25 years, I care a lot about integrity and being a servant leader. In addition to networking relentlessly along the way, I’ve also followed my passion in Product Management and created ProductCamp Portland in 2012. We’re running our 7th camp in March 2018. This one will be exciting for sure. And free pizza as usual!

Jan 21, 2009
Online Community Managers PDX January Meeting (invite only)
CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

Please note that this meeting is by invite only and is intended for people currently managing online communities. If you would like to attend, you should request to join the Google Group with a description of the community you currently manage.

The Online Community Managers PDX Group brings together Portland-area community managers--the folks on community/social networking sites that may responsible for any combination of content development, editing, posting, troubleshooting, developing campaigns, overseeing activities, providing forum moderation, offering encouragement, answering queries, etc.--to share insights, challenges and funny stories with each other on a monthly basis.

We meet the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month.

Group leaders: Ann Marcus & Dawn Foster Online_Community_Managers_PDX Google Group

Oct 18, 2012
PDMA Learning and Networking Event -- Enabling Waves: How To See High Growth Opportunities
OTBC (Oregon Technology Business Center)

“I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see.” – Sherlock Holmes

The Oregon Chapter of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) invites you to its October Learning and Networking Event to explore the future.

What do VMWare, Illumina, and SolarWinds all have in common with Google, Apple, and Facebook? They are all high growth companies that saw into the future and took advantage of huge enabling waves of change in the marketplace when they were just ripples.

Please join us for an interactive discussion to examine not only the top enabling waves that our speakers have identified, but also offer you a framework and tools to not just see the future, but to create the future with confidence.

Some of the waves we’ll examine that are sure to be major elements of future product and services include:



Augmented reality

Social networking


And more…

We’ll then offer specific tools you can use to develop a strategy and plan for what do DO about the waves.

This session will be interactive in nature. In addition to presenting researched results, we’ll draw on the insights and opinions of the audience during a Q&A session to add greater depth and different perspectives to the findings.

A special thanks to the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) for hosting this event.


Roger Hicks – Principal, Roger Hicks Consulting

Dorian Simpson – Managing Director, Planning Innovations

Date, Time, and Cost

Thursday, October 18, 2012

6:00 – 6:30pm Registration, refreshments and networking

6:30 – 8:00pm Presentation and Q&A

8:00 – 8:30pm Refreshments and networking

$20 on-line registration prior to the event

$25 at the door

A discount is available for PDMA members.

Register at the Website above

Jun 10, 2017
TwitchPDX - Gaming at Quarterworld!

We had a blast last time we met up at Quarterworld, so we figured we'd do it again! It's a great arcade with good seating to hang out and play some handhelds or card games when you're cooling down from pinball and arcade cabinets. :)

Feel free to bring your favorite board/card game, or a 3DS/Playstation Vita to play with others! We'll eat some food, get to know each other, and have a good time. Admission to Quarterworld is $1 at that time, so make sure you're prepared to pay that when you arrive. 

Looking forward to seeing you! Get ready for some great times.

Don't forget; if you like these Meetups, you can help support the group and keep them free for everyone by chipping in!

Jul 23, 2009
Why do I need Social Networking for my Business? Yes, you can do it less than one hour a week.
Page 10 Accounting

Social networking is a hot topic in businesses today. Many of us are not sure how it helps grow our business or acquire new clients or where we will have the time to add one more thing to our hectic lives. However, one thing is for sure, if we don’t come and find out, we will never have answers to these questions.

In this program, Taylor Ellwood will explain what social networking is, why it’s important to be on these sites, and how it can benefit you and your business. Hew will explain how to automate your social networking presence so you only need to spend one hour a week and still have time to run your business and live your life. In this class you will learn:

* What Linkedin, Facebook, Biznik, Twitter are and why it’s important to be on these sites or some of them.
* How to get clients and business from these sites.
* How to automate your online presence so are spending minimum time and effort, yet getting maximum returns.
* What a status bar is and why it’s a good idea to update it regularly.
* How these sites can be used to obtain recommendations and testimonials from your clients.
* The do’s and don’ts of Social networking and how to maintain a professional profile on each site.

Taylor will not only explain, but also demonstrate the benefits of social networks, and show you how you can attract more clients to your business.

Date: Thursday, July 23rd 2009

Time: 11:30pm to 2pm

Price: $35.00 per person, Lunch included

Location: 607 Main Street Suite 240, Oregon City, 97045

To register please RSVP with Diane Dahlins at [email protected]. Check and credit cards only please, when rsvping.