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Sep 18, 2008
Luz Code Sprint -- Music Visualization in Ruby
CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

I'm happy to announce the third Luz Code Sprint, happening this Thursday the 18th, 5-9pm at CubeSpace.

Luz is a Ruby music visualization playground, aiming to create a simple, beautiful GUI for artists, and simple, beautiful code for us! (I heart Ruby!!)

This event is open to EVERYONE, from coders to artists to musicians, everyone's input and contributions will be super useful.

I'm especially eager to see:

  • 2d sketch artists
  • OpenGL enthusiasts
  • Cairo enthusiasts

So please don't hesitate to invite your friends! :)

I'll bring all my gear for people to play with: a wacom tablet, a console with gobs of dials and knobs, a gamepad, and hopefully we'll be able to hook up to the projector.

Join us this Thursday! I really hope to see you there!


p.s. if you want to try out Luz ahead of time, it's super easy. In Ubuntu:

1) sudo apt-get install bzr ruby1.8 libgtk2-ruby libglade2-ruby libgtkglext1-ruby librmagick-ruby1.8 libcairo-ruby libsdl-ruby1.8 2) bzr branch luz 3) ./luz_editor.rb

Oct 4, 2008
Luz Code Camp (Ruby music visualization)
CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

Luz is a music visualization studio, written in the beautiful and expressive Ruby programming language.

This Saturday, Oct 4, please join us for an all-day Luz code camp, including:

  • Code tours. The author of Luz will step through code, explaining how things work, why they work that way, and seeking advice on how to deal with a few open issues.

  • Tutorials. We will develop some new and needed plugins together, live.

  • Mini-sprints. Eg. the beat tapping code doesn't feel quite perfect. (If you've never tweaked Ruby algorithms to get them to feel right, you'll love this process!)

This event is primarily for Ruby programmers, or others interested in learning Ruby.

We'll be in the "Roman" conference room at CubeSpace (622 SE Grand Ave., Portland OR).

Hope to see you there!

Mar 31, 2010
Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH & Wacom Technology Corporation Present: Light Troupe Drawing in the Fourth Dimension
PCC Cascade Campus

Come on out and join Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH & Wacom Technology Corporation as they present:

Light Troupe, a local Portland movement, exploring the boundaries of entertainment and audio visual simultaneous interactivity while drawing in the 4th dimension.


For the programmers in the audience, Luz Studio, OpenGL and Ruby will be discussed.

For the visual and audio artists in the audience, there will be an opportunity to play while interacting with the code the developers write on the spot! Wacom Tablets, Wiimotes and MIDI devices will be used as a means of interface.

That means you can expect to see 2D drawing in 3D space animated over time A demonstration with at least a 4-person, simultaneous drawing to be followed by live audience participation!

This is super fun stuff; computer graphics, music, animation, spontaneous creativity, happy excited people - come see for yourself and participate!

SIGGRAPH events are non-profit. It is free for SIGGRAPH members and $5 for non-members, and includes lots of tasty food!

Please register at EventBrite so we know how much food to buy!

Mar 30, 2011
Luz Studio - Latest Developments - Ruby + OpenGL Live Motion Graphics
PCC Cascade Campus

Have fun with Luz Studio and learn how to use cutting-edge interactive technology in light and sound applications.

Attendees will engage with interactive light toys including:

  • Microsoft Kinect-based body tracking to create expressive art

  • Real-time DMX interior lighting control

  • 3D digital drawing using Wacom Drawing Tablets

  • LightTroupe’s Light and Sound Piano

  • An introduction to Luz Studio’s real-time shader-snipet mixing and just-in-time compiling

This will be a laid-back, open forum for people to explore the Luz Studio software, the new art-form and the cutting-edge of technology.

Come and get involved in our latest developments from the past year.

We will play with computer vision, skeleton tracking, digital painting, and explore Luz Studio’s new DMX light control.

Artists, musicians, performers, and multimedia lightbearers, discover new ways to use expressive technology in your work.

PCC Cascade Campus Moriarty Arts & Humanities Bldg Room 104 705 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97212

May 20, 2011
Debut of first kid-created digital puppet play made in Luz (FOSS Ruby+OpenGL interactive motion graphics editor)
Sunnyside United Methodist Church

A culmination of several months of work/fun, this unique and entertaining play features kid-created hand-drawn and computer-animated graphics with live dialog written by the kids of The Roost.

The play begins around 6 to 6:30 and delicious homecooked middle eastern food will be available for $5 donation.

6pm / Free or $5 for food Sunnyside United Methodist Church 3520 SE Yamhill St