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Jul 27, 2013
International NodeBots Day 2013--PDX

This is not a hackathon. There will be no prizes other than the satisfaction of making something awesome! There will be very little in the way of talks. We're going to get together, collaborate and hack. This is more NodeConf SummerCamp than NodeConf. Sharing. Enjoying each other's company. Learning and exploring. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

We want to show that node is an all-purpose, fun tool by showing its potential with hardware. How? By bringing together those interested in node and hardware hacking, and giving them an open space to hack, collaborate, learn, and share their results with others.

What Cool Stuff can I do? Checkout the Johnny-Five examples for some examples of cool stuff to do with Node and Arduino.

For more info on NodeBots and preparing yourself for the ensuing awesomeness:

Please REGISTER at

Jul 28, 2018
PDX NodeBots Day: 2018

NodeBots Day is world wide event where people learn how to control the physical world with JavaScript. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company and JavaScript - lots of JavaScript.

This year PDXNode and Women Who Code Portland are joining forces to host an awesome NodeBots Day in Portland. We want you to leave with the satisfaction of making something awesome!

Continuing in the spirit of the international NodeBots Day event: this is not a hackathon. It's about spending a day in an amazing workshop with good people and tinkering, hacking and generally putting tools where hardware would rather you didn't. Women Who Code Portland will be providing some hardware at the event, but feel free to bring your own!

We are very beginner and help is available. There will be seasoned Nodesters ready and available to help anyone with questions or advice throughout the event. NodeBots also has a online chat community where you can connect to other hackers around the world who are also exploring.