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Jul 30, 2014
CascadiaJS Training by Formidable Labs
TBD - Portland

JavaScript is at the core of the modern web—on the server and in the browser. In this full-day tutorial, we will lead you through the tools, frameworks, and paradigms that you need to craft modern, client-rich applications. Our intensive workshop will take you from a basic skeleton application to a production-ready infrastructure, ready to stand up to real-world traffic.

The team at Formidable Labs has written some of the worlds' largest JavaScript web applications and literally written the book on testing them. Our engineers and educators have led trainings for companies of all sizes, as well as the technology community. We are thrilled to bring our battle-tested experience and lessons from field to the fine folks at CascadiaJS.


  • JavaScript for Modern Applications with jQuery & Underscore.js - Learn core tenets of JavaScript application development with two of the web's most essential tools – jQuery and Underscore.js.
  • MVC Fundamentals with Backbone.js and Node.js - Explore the fundamentals of Model-View-Controller application design, using the popular Backbone.js framework as a guide to concepts and implementations. We will back our frontend application with a basic Node.js data server.
  • Building Production Applications with Grunt & Friends - Create a production-ready application and support full testing / development workflows using Grunt, Bower, AMD/RequireJS and other automation tools.
  • JavaScript Application Testing - Increase confidence in your applications and find bugs earlier with tools and techniques to make application testing flexible, fast, and easy to do. We will use Mocha, Chai, and Sinon.JS to test frontend and backend JavaScript applications.
Feb 19, 2015
Drupal Frontend Meetup - February 2015 - Using Gulp

This month Erik Bladwin will be presenting on Gulp! For those of you who don't know, Gulp is a task/build manager best used for automation. Praised by many as easier to use than Grunt with all of the same benefits. Gulp can be used to easily; minify and/or uglify your code, refresh your browser when files have changed, and so much more. If you enjoy automation, and you haven't heard about or used Gulp, this meet-up is for you!