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TBD - Portland

Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Apr 23 2024
    PDX AI Demo Night

    TBD - Portland

    OVF is excited to hold the second PDX AI Demo Night!

    ​The goal of this event is to showcase the AI products coming from the founder and engineering community through lightening demos and Q&A.

    ​Join us for a fun evening of learning & networking, as we revel in the latest AI demos from:

    ​ Digs

    ​ Hello Wonder

    ​ Skypoint

    ​ Squidgies


    ​ 6:00-6:30pm: Welcome w/ Food & Drinks

    ​ 6:30-7:15pm: AI Demos

    ​ 7:15-8:00pm: Networking

    ​Please be sure to register now, as we have limited capacity and seats will fill quickly!

    ​The location and any additional details will be provided to registrants prior to the event.

  • Wednesday
    Jul 30 2014
    CascadiaJS Training by Formidable Labs

    TBD - Portland

    JavaScript is at the core of the modern web—on the server and in the browser. In this full-day tutorial, we will lead you through the tools, frameworks, and paradigms that you need to craft modern, client-rich applications. Our intensive workshop will take you from a basic skeleton application to a production-ready infrastructure, ready to stand up to real-world traffic.

    The team at Formidable Labs has written some of the worlds' largest JavaScript web applications and literally written the book on testing them. Our engineers and educators have led trainings for companies of all sizes, as well as the technology community. We are thrilled to bring our battle-tested experience and lessons from field to the fine folks at CascadiaJS.


    • JavaScript for Modern Applications with jQuery & Underscore.js - Learn core tenets of JavaScript application development with two of the web's most essential tools – jQuery and Underscore.js.
    • MVC Fundamentals with Backbone.js and Node.js - Explore the fundamentals of Model-View-Controller application design, using the popular Backbone.js framework as a guide to concepts and implementations. We will back our frontend application with a basic Node.js data server.
    • Building Production Applications with Grunt & Friends - Create a production-ready application and support full testing / development workflows using Grunt, Bower, AMD/RequireJS and other automation tools.
    • JavaScript Application Testing - Increase confidence in your applications and find bugs earlier with tools and techniques to make application testing flexible, fast, and easy to do. We will use Mocha, Chai, and Sinon.JS to test frontend and backend JavaScript applications.
  • Wednesday
    Jul 23 2014
    [Cancelled] Portland JavaScript Admirers' Monthly Meeting

    TBD - Portland

    OSCon is next week, which will make things a bit crazy. So we are going to skip the JavaScript meeting this month.

    As an alternative, if you weren't already planning to attend OSCon, you might check out what is available with an expo hall pass, which is $25:


  • Thursday
    Jun 19 2014
    Thwacking Apps On Real Devices Using Appium

    We are working out a new location as I type this!  This will be a great event and you will not want to miss!

    Come checkout the latest from AppThwack!  AppThwack is the leader in cloud based real device testing.  They have recently implemented support for Appium.

    Join us as one of the founders Pawel Wojnarowicz talks about the latest features AppThwack has introduced to help test automation in the ever growing complex mobile world.

    I consider Pawel one of the leaders in Android testing so don't miss the opportunity to meet him.

    We will have Pizza and should have some beer as well.

  • Wednesday
    Mar 5 2014
    PDX Mobile Workgroup

    TBD - Portland



    The location of this week's meeting is still being determined. Visit our group website for details.

  • Saturday
    Feb 15 2014
    (Postponed) Spark Weekend Portland 2014
    TBD - Portland

    Update: This event has been postponed until further notice-

    If you’ve ever felt there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish your goals, this is for you.

    Spark Weekend 2014 brings together 20+ technology and lifestyle change experts to provide TED-style talks, experiential workshops, and the latest in lifestyle change tech to measurably improve your health, productivity, and relationships.

    A Spark Weekend is an opportunity to improve your life in a fun, friendly environment.

    • Day 1 is about learning. Our speakers share their favorite lifestyle change tools and techniques in 20 minute sessions.

    • Day 2 Our mentors coach you to implement what you learned the day before. You come back with your laptop and directly work on your goals.

    It’s not over when you leave!

    • Day 30 is about winning. You get $30 cash back if you reach your goals; more if you put your own money on the line.

    And in the spirit of open science, we publish our results in helping you change.

    A Spark Weekend ticket makes a great gift for your friends, family, and colleagues! But not for people you don't like--don't give them any advantage in 2014.

    As an added bonus, ~10% of every ticket sold goes to a community fund for those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

    *Special discount for Calagator folks. First 30 enter "CALAGATOR" when registering for -20%. Sign up before seats fill up!

  • Thursday
    Dec 12 2013
    Go Big (Data) with Business Intelligence Tools

    TBD - Portland

    Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide your sales team with more accurate and complete customer information and context of their needs. Having real-time data you can track and analyse will help you make intelligent, informed decisions—now and in the future. It’s like having your own magic 8 ball for business. “Outlook: Good.”

    Ready to take big data beyond marketing automation? The next step to better marketing and selling is combining big data with SaaS (software as a service). Join us to see how BI tools help you increase customer loyalty and build profits.

  • Friday
    May 17 2013
    (Postponed) Esri Geo Hackathon!
    TBD - Portland

    UPDATE: Due to several people on our team being out of town, we've had to postpone this event until later this year. We'll be sure to add it to calagator when we pick a new date!

    We're throwing a big hackathon to showcase a bunch of new Esri tools! Come be some of the first to check out new and improved documentation, user interface and new SDKs and APIs for Esri's core technology.

    New to Esri? Basically, you can do anything add any kind of geo-functionality any product or app you're working on. From maps and data, geocoding and routing, demographic data and more, you'll be able to check out and test work from Esri R&D Center Portland and Esri HQ in Redlands!

    There will be plenty of free food and drink, and networking kickoff the night before. Teams will have Friday night until 6pm Sunday to build apps using Esri technology. We'll have sample code on Github and a ton of example projects. There will also be plenty of Esri devs on site to help out.

    Who should attend?

    Feel free to participate if you're a designer or developer, college student, professional, high school student or someone just interested in geo. Keep in mind that this is a developer hackathon, so you should arrive with at least some knowledge of HTML/CSS so that you can contribute to a team. If you don't know HTML/CSS but are a skilled graphic designer, we need you too! Think of it as a playground for trying new things out.

    What kind of prizes will there be?

    Prizes will be announced soon, but suffice it to say they will likely be interesting objects that fly through the air. Also, free conference tickets and Esri software credits for runner ups.

  • Monday
    Feb 18 2013
    [RESCHEDULED to 2/25] pdxdevops: Portland DevOps user group meeting

    TBD - Portland

    NOTE: This meeting has been rescheduled to 2/25!

    ABOUT THE GROUP: pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. Meetings are usually on the third Monday of the month. Website: http://pdxdevops.org/ && Twitter: @pdxdevops

  • Monday
    Jan 21 2013
    [Canceled] pdxdevops: Portland DevOps user group meeting

    TBD - Portland

    ABOUT THE GROUP: pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. Meetings are usually on the third Monday of the month. Website: http://pdxdevops.org/ && Twitter: @pdxdevops

  • Saturday
    Nov 17 2012
    Portland Girl Geek Dinners #4

    TBD - Portland

    Details coming soon! If you'd like to be a sponsor or have an idea for a topic or a speaker please let us! [email protected]

  • Saturday
    Nov 3 2012
    SQLSaturday Oregon

    TBD - Portland

    SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server, and will be on October 8, 2011 at Portland, OR, USA. Admittance to SQLSaturday Oregon is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships.

  • Wednesday
    Feb 1 2012
    Managing Vendor Partnerships
    TBD - Portland

    More and more organizations are outsourcing services to provide them with a competitive advantage. Outsourcing a service is uniquely different than buying a product. With a service the organization’s staff is working directly with the vendor’s staff, and often the vendor is providing direct support to internal business partners and external big “C” customers. Managing the relationship is difficult, time consuming, and often the leadership team is not prepared for this new world.

    Managing Vendor Partnerships enables organizations to more effectively work with their service providers and their own staff to create long term value and increased ROI from each of their vendor relationships.

    At this workshop you will learn how to:

    • Move from contract management to relationship management with your vendors
    • Transition from managing employees to managing the relationship
    • Understand and differentiate between the goals and objectives of the organization and those of the vendor
    • Leverage process management techniques to provide a foundation for managing vendor partnerships
    • Utilize change management to transition employees to new roles
    • Recognize a range of cultural differences between the organization and the vendor
    • Gain additional value from your purchasing department
    • Be proactive in shaping a positive relationship and in recognizing when the partnership is in trouble
    • Establish appropriate governance structures
    • Prepare for the end of the contract
    • Improve vendor selection, contract development, and negotiation processes
    • Create value for long-term competitive advantage

    Register: http://managing-vendor-partnerships.eventbrite.com/

  • Saturday
    Sep 17 2011
    OEN Members-only Community Service Day

    TBD - Portland

    Join OEN member companies for a ½ day of riverside restoration projects in partnership with SOLV. Network with your fellow OEN members while enjoying hands-on community service and team building for your employees. This is a great opportunity to build ties with fellow community-minded entrepreneurs.

    Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011 Time & Location: TBD Cost: $100

    (*Limited to 5 participants per OEN member company & OEN company-level membership required.)

  • Wednesday
    Jun 15 2011
    Freelance Software Developers Meetup

    TBD - Portland

    Are you a freelance software developer, or interested in freelancing? Join us to talk shop and meet others!

    Presentation: TBD

    Recreation: Beer, nerding, socializing, etc.

    The presentation will start shortly after 6:00.