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Jan 5, 2017
Power to the (Mobile) People! - GraphQL w/ Howard Lewis Ship

GraphQL is a way to expose your services and data to your clients in a uniform, efficient, and client-driven way.It sidesteps much of the confusion and clutter of a REST solution, and provides clear solutionsto scalability, documentation, and updates to your data and services. We've been having great successwith GraphQL at Walmart, and are soon to release an open-source Clojure implementation.

Jan 10, 2017
GraphQLPDX Presentation Night
AppNexus, Inc.

Second meetup! Hosted at AppNexus, talk about more graphql goodness.

Submit a PR or reach out directly if you'd like to speak!

Jul 27, 2017
Meetup: Anatomy of a GraphQL query starring Eric Baer
AppNexus, Inc.

Presentation: Eric Baer (Formidable) "Anatomy of a GraphQL Query"

Eric will be doing a deep-dive on the anatomy of a GraphQL's query-based protocol, so be sure to come with questions as he's a bona-fide expert. Eric's a software-lead at the formidable Formidable in Seattle, WA; and will be presenting at Chain React soon so check him out there as well!

Raffle: (2) JetBrains Toolbox 1-year licenses

We're upping the game here by raffling off some prizes. I have two coupon codes for any JetBrains Toolbox product. There's also a few other raffles in the works, so be sure to come get some free swag.


YES! There's food! I'm working on the details at the moment, and will update this event when everything has solidified!

How can I help?

So glad you asked! I'm looking for help getting this community off the ground, so if you're passionate about GraphQL I'm looking for speakers, AV help, and Social Media help. Please ping me directly at [email protected] if you're interested in helping out!

Really looking forward to this, see you all there!


Jun 14, 2018
Nike Tech Talks
Nike Decathlon Club Cafe

Join Eric Baer, Director of Software Development at Formidable, Inc., at the next Nike Tech Talks on June 14! Eric will give a talk on The Evolution of API Design from RPC to GraphQL. Food and beverages will be served, and there will be time to network before and after the talk.

About Eric: Eric has been developing products for over ten years in everything from embedded systems for high-end audio products to high-traffic APIs in Java. For the past six years, Eric has developed a deep specialization in JavaScript and the associated ecosystem. In his current role, Eric is an O'Reilly author, a conference speaker and Director of Software Development at both Formidable and at Livestock Nutrition Center, where he is driving large projects and writing software around Babel, GraphQL and i18n.

About the Talk: Over the last 60 years, API designs have changed to respond to everything from new network topologies and new languages, to the pressures of managing ever larger code bases. Today’s most popular API pattern, REST, was developed in a time where the cost of making API requests was plummeting. At the time, bandwidth was getting cheaper, latency was dropping, and the computing power of devices was still tracking Moore’s Law. Mobile turned this on its head. The environments in which apps and APIs need to perform today have effectively regressed a decade.

This talk will explore some of the new client-server interaction models that address today’s pressures and use history to understand the tradeoffs that we made at the transition between the previous designs. Eric will introduce major tools that are attempting to change the API landscape including GraphQL and Falcor. Since GraphQL is the dominant technology in this space, he will examine some of its functionality, touch on some of its syntax and present a live coding demo that shows off a GraphQL server from 0 to 1. Demonstrating a complete implementation in under 10 minutes will give a strong sense of what’s possible, and what kind of complexity burden a tool like this would impose. Spoiler: There is no silver bullet.

Jul 15, 2019
O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference
through Oregon Convention Center

The O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) delivers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the technologies behind emerging and innovative open source projects as well as to learn about all the trends shaping software development today—from AI and cloud technology to blockchain and distributed computing.

Connect with the open source community in Portland this summer. Meet industry experts and exchange insights with peers at networking events, lunch discussions and more. Check out the program and save 20% on your pass with code CAL20.

Oct 2, 2019
GraphQLPDX - AWS AppSync
Phase 2

Tonight we have a presentation on using GraphQL with AWS AppSync by Ryan Jones. There will also be plenty of time before and after the talk to converse with other GraphQL'ers.

Talk: How to leverage AWS AppSync to reduce backend complexity

Details: In this talk, we will dive into AWS AppSync a fully managed GraphQL solution provided by AWS. Which allows you to hook into "resolvers" such as AWS DynamoDB a NoSQL database or AWS Lambda a cloud function that can handle complex business logic.

Speaker: Ryan Jones is the Founder & CEO of a cloud development shop called Serverless Guru here in Portland. He got his start as a cloud developer in the Nike Innovation Engineering department before transitioning to a cloud consulting company and then started Serverless Guru in March of 2018. Serverless Guru helps companies build scalable and cost-effective applications on the cloud.

Want to give a lightning talk on GraphQL? Connect with Daniel in the comments or @dslemay on Twitter. It's a super low key group and we all have knowledge to share.

Nov 4, 2022
Introduction to Gatsby, graphQL and React with David Meyer
The Tech Academy

David Meyer, Tech Academy graduate, will be joining us to give us an introduction to Gatsby, graphQL, and React and how they work together.

In this talk, David will cover Gatsby, GraphQL, React, and the basics of a CMS.

David graduated from The Tech Academy in 2021 and is currently working as a Web Developer at Plain Concepts.

Join us Friday, November 4th at 11 am Pacific Time (2p MT, 3p CT, 4p ET) in our Google Meet room.

RSVP on Meetup: RSVP on Eventbrite:

Can't make it live? We will be posting the recording to our Tech Talks playlist on our YouTube Channel:

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn and network!