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GraphQLPDX - AWS AppSync

Phase 2
514 NW 11th Ave. Ste 203
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



Tonight we have a presentation on using GraphQL with AWS AppSync by Ryan Jones. There will also be plenty of time before and after the talk to converse with other GraphQL'ers.

Talk: How to leverage AWS AppSync to reduce backend complexity

Details: In this talk, we will dive into AWS AppSync a fully managed GraphQL solution provided by AWS. Which allows you to hook into "resolvers" such as AWS DynamoDB a NoSQL database or AWS Lambda a cloud function that can handle complex business logic.

Speaker: Ryan Jones is the Founder & CEO of a cloud development shop called Serverless Guru here in Portland. He got his start as a cloud developer in the Nike Innovation Engineering department before transitioning to a cloud consulting company and then started Serverless Guru in March of 2018. Serverless Guru helps companies build scalable and cost-effective applications on the cloud.

Want to give a lightning talk on GraphQL? Connect with Daniel in the comments or @dslemay on Twitter. It's a super low key group and we all have knowledge to share.