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AppNexus, Inc.

711 SW Alder St. Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Oct 3 2017
    Women Talking Tech Series - Site Reliability

    AppNexus, Inc.

    (Please RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-talking-tech-series-pdx-tickets-38082154750)

    So many of us are building really cool shit at work and in the community - let's share, recognize and applaud our badassery. Through this WTT series, we aim to perpetuate the technical learning and teaching component within our industry.

    Partnering with local WIT communities we'll meet monthly for a lightning talk + keynote, followed by Q&A. Oh, and food/drink. Curated for a technical audience compromised of but not limited to women, transgender and non binary friends. We'll start promptly at 5:15 and end by 6:30, we welcome kiddos too.

    October Lineup

    Lightning Talk: TBD

    Keynote: Liz Fong-Jones @lizthegrey. Site Reliability Engineering @ Google.

    Liz is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google and manages a team of SREs responsible for Google's storage systems. She lives with her wife, metamour, and two Samoyeds in Brooklyn. In her spare time, she plays classical piano, leads an EVE Online alliance, and advocates for transgender rights.

    Questions/want to chat/interested in speaking at our 11/7 event? [email protected]

  • Thursday
    Jul 27 2017
    Meetup: Anatomy of a GraphQL query starring Eric Baer

    AppNexus, Inc.

    Presentation: Eric Baer (Formidable) "Anatomy of a GraphQL Query"

    Eric will be doing a deep-dive on the anatomy of a GraphQL's query-based protocol, so be sure to come with questions as he's a bona-fide expert. Eric's a software-lead at the formidable Formidable in Seattle, WA; and will be presenting at Chain React soon so check him out there as well!

    Raffle: (2) JetBrains Toolbox 1-year licenses

    We're upping the game here by raffling off some prizes. I have two coupon codes for any JetBrains Toolbox product. There's also a few other raffles in the works, so be sure to come get some free swag.


    YES! There's food! I'm working on the details at the moment, and will update this event when everything has solidified!

    How can I help?

    So glad you asked! I'm looking for help getting this community off the ground, so if you're passionate about GraphQL I'm looking for speakers, AV help, and Social Media help. Please ping me directly at [email protected] if you're interested in helping out!

    Really looking forward to this, see you all there!


  • Wednesday
    Mar 22 2017

    AppNexus, Inc.

    Come hang out with us at AppNexus and talk about GraphQL! We'll have some drink, food, and a few presentations + lightening talks.

    If you're interested in presenting please let me know! We have a github repo here: https://github.com/joelgriffith/graphqlpdx for how to do a PR for speaking!

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all!

  • Tuesday
    Jan 10 2017
    GraphQLPDX Presentation Night

    AppNexus, Inc.

    Second meetup! Hosted at AppNexus, talk about more graphql goodness.

    Submit a PR or reach out directly if you'd like to speak!

  • Tuesday
    Jul 28 2015
    Networking Night @ AppNexus

    Join us on July 28th for "Around the Stack” at AppNexus

    Different sets of speakers will talk about different parts of the stack at AppNexus. Attendees can circle through the office and stop for flash presentations.


    - Esha Peddireddy (Software Engineer) + Alison Stump (UI/UX Prototyper) 

    - Becca Conneely (Data Scientist) + Stephanie Tzeng (Data Scientist) - Learn about Data Science at AppNexus 

    - Nerissa Lemon (Technical Intern) + Katie Hughes (Technical Intern) - Learn about internships and junior development opportunities in Portland, how they landed at AppNexus, and their technical on-boarding experience.

    - Allison Krug (Technical Recruiter)
    Allison will review resumes (for feedback) and talk about job opportunities. 


    6:00-6:30 - Check-in + Networking
    6:30-8:00 - Presentations at the different stations.
    8:00-8:30 - Networking + Wrap-up

    Food from Habibi (gluten-free and vegan options), beverages, and tote bags for everyone who attends.

    About AppNexus:
    Advertising is the lifeblood of the Internet. It funds most of the great content we’re used to getting for free. It provides the means to innovate, investigate, and entertain. And it makes it possible to reach the largest audience possible. AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising. It’s what the world’s most influential advertising and media companies build their businesses on, and what enables them to deliver the ads that deliver the content that people love. 

    For more info: http://www.appnexus.com/

    AppNexus Careers in Portland: http://careers.appnexus.com/offices/north-america/portland

  • Wednesday
    Apr 22 2015
    AngularJS Portland Meetup

    Lightning Talks

    Ryan Webber - stepping into angular series

    Matt Danskey - TBD

    Main Presentation

    Satish Kumaar Ponnusamy - Creating your own seed project

  • Wednesday
    Nov 12 2014
    AppNexus Tech Talk: Taming Big Data

    AppNexus, Inc.

    AppNexus' advertising systems generate over 120 TB of data everyday, which makes running a mission-critical data pipeline with tight SLAs (encompassing over a 1000 ETL jobs running hourly) an extremely challenging endeavor.

    Please join our next Tech Talk on November 12th as AppNexus' Senior Data team, Ersin Yilmaz, Swapnil Pandit, and Ankit Malhotra, give an insider's look of our Data stack and specifically how the team leverages Hadoop, HBase and other technologies and strategies to tame this data.

    Doors open at 6:00pm -- Please join us for food and drinks prior to the presentation at 6:30pm.

    Don't forget to RSVP. http://appnexustechtalktamingbigdata.splashthat.com/

  • Tuesday
    Sep 30 2014
    AppNexus Tech Talks: Tools & Useful Techniques for Javascript

    Members of this group may be interested in a pair of tech talks at AppNexus.

    Please RSVP at http://appnexustechtalk.splashthat.com/

    Join us on Tuesday, September 30 for this special tech talk and Q&A with AppNexus software engineers Joel Griffith and Tim Santeford, as they take a deep dive into JavaScript tools and techniques. In “Using JavaScript to write JavaScript” Joel will discuss the tools used to build the front-end portion of an application. Tim will focus on writing large command line tools in Node in a talk titled "Conquering with Commander.js."

    Doors open at 6:00pm – enjoy some food and beer with us before the program begins at 6:30pm.


    6:00 - Doors Open, Food & Drinks 6:30 - Tech Talks with Q&A

    7:30 - Drinks Reception

    About the Speakers:

    Joel Griffith has over 5 years experience in Web Development and has worked for major clients including Nike, Coca Cola, and FaceBook. He has spent the last few years honing his JavaScript skills and maintains a few of his own projects on GitHub. (@joelgriffith)

    Tim Santeford has been using node to write production web services and command line tools for about 2 years. He has prior experience writing command line tools in .NET, Shell, Ruby, and PHP but Node quickly became his favorite environment in which to write them.