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Jul 28, 2016
ElmLang: Elm Intro and Experiences
Crowd Compass

We'll start off with an beginners intro to Elm in the first half of the meeting and move on to experience reports in the second half.

If you'd like to lead the intro discussion or if you'd like to share your experiences (lighting talk, etc) please let me know. We really need people to step up and share what they know.

Thanks for your support as we get the group going on a regular basis.

Nov 1, 2016
Using Ports in Elm
Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator

So you're using Elm and enjoying all of the benefits it provides with its abstraction of the web platform. But what do you do if you're dealing with a browser API that isn't implemented in Elm yet? Or you need to ship a feature and don't have the time to rewrite that really cool JavaScript library in Elm? Or maybe you want to hook your app up to Firebase or some other database that has a JavaScript SDK?

This is where ports come in. Ports allow you to hook up commands and subscriptions to JavaScript code, letting you leverage the entire JavaScript ecosystem, while providing the structure necessary to ensure you aren't introducing runtime exceptions in your Elm code.

We'll cover the basics of setting up ports in your Elm code, walk through some common use cases, and hopefully you'll leave the evening ready to bring your JavaScript and Elm knowledge together!

Ben Brandt lives in Portland and is a front-end developer at Monk Development. He has recently discovered the joys of using functional programming for building UI's and is trying to use Elm wherever people will let him.

Nov 9, 2016
Elm-lang Hack Night
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

Hang out and work on projects with other Elm developers. Open to all skill levels.

Mar 30, 2020
Portland Elm Meetup - March Presentations & study group


Due to COVID-19, we will be conducting this meetup remotely. Please join us on Google Meet:

March presentations:

  • Brian: 10–15 mins on Minima, a web audio playground written in Elm
  • Jesse: 10–15 mins on creating an X-Ray style video app in Elm

This will be followed signup for April presentations and an optional roundtable study group.

Attendees of the study group will share what they’ve learned so far, what they struggled with or are stuck on, and what they intend to accomplish in the next month.