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Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator

1450 NW 18th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Nov 1 2016
    Using Ports in Elm

    So you're using Elm and enjoying all of the benefits it provides with its abstraction of the web platform. But what do you do if you're dealing with a browser API that isn't implemented in Elm yet? Or you need to ship a feature and don't have the time to rewrite that really cool JavaScript library in Elm? Or maybe you want to hook your app up to Firebase or some other database that has a JavaScript SDK?

    This is where ports come in. Ports allow you to hook up commands and subscriptions to JavaScript code, letting you leverage the entire JavaScript ecosystem, while providing the structure necessary to ensure you aren't introducing runtime exceptions in your Elm code.

    We'll cover the basics of setting up ports in your Elm code, walk through some common use cases, and hopefully you'll leave the evening ready to bring your JavaScript and Elm knowledge together!

    Ben Brandt lives in Portland and is a front-end developer at Monk Development. He has recently discovered the joys of using functional programming for building UI's and is trying to use Elm wherever people will let him.

  • Wednesday
    Oct 26 2016
    Legal Innovation Meetup

    Greetings Legal Hackers:

    After a too-long hiatus, we're back on track for an October meetup. We're moving to Wednesday this time (Oct 26) from 6 to 8 at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator. 

    Our speaker this time around will be Alexandra Devandra, an attorney and legal design consultant who is also a co-founder of Shape the Law, the first Unconference for Lawyers.  Alix will be discussing design thinking as a tool for lawyers and other legal businesses to build and iterate products and services.

    We'll also be discussing ways to more closely align the work of the legal innovation meetup with the Oregon Bar's Futures Task Force, a new group formed to "Examine how the Oregon State Bar can best serve its members by supporting all aspects of their continuing development and better serve and protect the public in the face of a rapidly evolving profession facing potential changes in the delivery of legal services." 

    LIT-Lab members Leigh Gill and I will be serving on the Innovations Committee of that task force, and we'll be looking for help and input from the community to help meet our charge to identify ways for the bar to:

    • Help legal service providers establish, maintain and grow sustainable practices that respond to demonstrated low and moderate income community legal needs;

    • Encourage exploration and use of innovative service delivery models that leverage technology, unbundling, and alternative fee structures to provide more affordable legal services; and

    •  Develop lawyer business management, technology, and other practice skills.

    Overall it should be a great session. Hope to see you there!


  • Thursday
    Jan 28 2016
    ALPFA Portland Launch

    Meet and network with new and existing members including the ALPFA Board, volunteers, and Latino Entrepreneurs in Portland’s growing Latino Entrepreneur community.

    We are kicking off 2016 with a panel "Latino Entrepreneurs Journey and Access to Capital" with Latino Entrepreneurs sharing their journey and experience launching Latino led Startups.