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Jun 19
through Town Hall Seattle

CascadiaJS is the JavaScript conference for the Pacific Northwest. This year’s event will bring together an amazing group of web developers from across the Pacific Northwest (and beyond). You will find every kind of developer you can imagine:

  • Code newbies all the way to senior executives
  • Front-end, back-end and full-stack engineers
  • Expertise in popular frameworks
  • Members of under-represented groups in tech

Over the course of 2 days, you’ll hear 20+ amazing talks by experts in their fields, covering everything from GenAI to TypeScript to leadership. There will be ample opportunities for you to connect with other developers and hiring companies, during coffee breaks, meals and social gatherings at the venue, and karaoke!


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May 14, 2015
Portland TypeScript Meetup: Introduction to TypeScript Take Two - Classes, Inheritance, and Modules

Join us for our May meeting where Matt Crouse will be presenting "Introduction to TypeScript Take Two: Classes, Inheritance, and Modules", picking up where we left off from our April meeting.

6:00pm Networking and Snacks
6:20pm Welcome and Announcements
6:30pm Presentation

Jun 11, 2015
Portland TypeScript Meetup: Introduction to the TypeScript Toolchain

Join us for our June meeting where John Richter will be presenting "Introduction to the TypeScript Toolchain".

6:00pm Networking and Snacks
6:20pm Welcome and Announcements
6:30pm Presentation

Introduction to the TypeScript Toolchain

You've learned the basics of the typescript language itself. Now learn about the tools that constitute a complete TypeScript development environment. In this session, we will answer all those ancillary questions about developing in TypeScript that tend to get lost when focusing language features.

How do I compile TypeScript?
How do I error check and lint?
How do I generate TypeScript documentation?
How do I connect TypeScript to 3rd party libraries?
How do I automate the process?

Topics include:

  • Grunt and TypeScript extensions
  • Type Definition Files
  • Bower
  • TSLinting
  • TypeDoc
Jan 30, 2020
PDXNode – Hack Night! 💻

Welcome to the PDXNode Hack Night!

What is a PDXNode Hack Night?

PDXNode Hack Nights are your opportunity to enjoy a low-pressure JavaScript-centric environment where you shouldn't feel like you're supposed to do anything. First and foremost–just come and enjoy yourself. The night is yours: hang, hack, learn, or do whatever you’re interested in doing. 🙌

Depending on the size and interests of our attending group, we have various paths the night could go, and may or may not attempt some of the following:

Map Ctrl-H into Hackerspace Regions

The hackerspace will be mapped into 'regions', and you can feel free to gravitate towards whichever one suits your interest!

• A place for beginners who want to get going with node for the first time. • A place for people who want to work on their own projects (eg. projects you want to do outside of work, but need to find the time). • A place for people to just hang out and connect. • A place for people to work on projects in groups!

'Unconference'-style Team Hacks

For team-hackers, we'll have a board up and sticky-notes available available at the beginning of the night. Anyone can feel free to write the name and/or description of something they'd like to hack on with other people–and others who're interested can feel free to go to that region and join in!

End of Night Show and Tell

There will be a list available to write your name, or team's name down on to give a quick show and tell of your projects at the end of the night. We're pumped to see what you've been working on!

Some general stuff to remember:

Help is available!

There will be seasoned Nodesters ready and available to help anyone with questions or advice in any of the hack-zones: beginners, solo, and group projects. Feel free to reach out and ask at any time throughout the evening.

Do what you want to do

Above all, we hope for this to be an easy-going event for people to do what they want to do with the time we have. Make the time awesome, it's yours. 😎

Code of Conduct

PDXNode continues to abide by its Code of Conduct, and we ask everyone to commit to keeping to it in order for all of us to have a safe, fun, and amazing time.

Wahoo! See you then! 🎉🎉 💻 🎉🎉

Oct 15, 2020
Remote Tech Talk at the Guild - Introduction to Ray Tracing with Typescript
PDX Code Guild

Ray tracing is an algorithm for generating 3D images and involves tracing rays of light around a virtual scene. Ray tracing is more computationally intensive than rasterization (which is used for video games) but is better at capturing phenomena like reflection and refraction. A simple raytracer can be written in a day, while complex ones requires advanced physics equations and statistical techniques. In this 90-minute talk, we'll cover enough material for you to build your own raytracer, and some more advanced features you could add to continue developing. Ray tracing lends itself to object-oriented programming so we'll also get some practice with typescript.

Presented by PDX Code Guild Instructor Matthew Cooper

Dec 12, 2023
Portland ReactJS December End of the Year Hang Out!
Migration Brewery

Let's celebrate the end of the year with a casual hangout at Migration Brewing! Grab a drink, hang out, talk shop and network with other PDX ReactJS developers!

Feb 13
ReactJs + Fireproof Workshop! Streamline App Development with a Local-First Database
UpStart Collective

Streamline your app development with a local-first database.
In this workshop we'll build a React app together, implementing basic data models in Fireproof, with automatic sync across devices using PartyKit. Once the basics are in place, we can explore using Fireproof in specific use cases, whether it's encrypted content management or offline inventory controls. We have a handful of starter kits you can use to fast-forward to working LLM chatbots, content editors, file uploads, etc.

Workshop participants should be familiar with Node.js and NPM or Yarn, React, and Git. We'll be working in VS Code but you can use whatever editor you prefer.

Space is limited, RSVP early and remember to bring your laptop!

-=== Schedule ===-
5:40-6:00 pm - Arrivals
6:00 - 7:00pm - Workshop ReactJs + Fireproof
7:00 - 8:00pm - Social hour & Networking

If you are new to the group, welcome! We hope that you find this community a friendly and open one. Join 2000+ other members in our Slack channel
To new and existing members, please take a look at the code of conduct for our group.