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Portland OWASP Chapter Meeting: Overcoming Your Greatest InfoSec Adversary: You!

1414 NW Northrup Street #700
Portland, OR 97209, USA (map)



Tips on formulating complete sentences without acronyms, learning to pretend you aren't the smartest person in the room, choosing the right animations for your PowerPoint presentations, and more! Let's be honest, you probably didn't get into info-sec because of your love for public speaking, your mastery of written and verbal communication, or your highly-tuned social skills! Regardless, these things are key to your success or failure in info-sec. Dare to join me for a frank if somewhat tongue-in-cheek conversation regarding strategies for simplifying complex conversations, recognizing and overcoming common communication obstacles, translating leet-speak to business language and creating effective visual presentations.

Speaker: Patterson Cake

Patterson has been in information technology for over 20 years, focusing on security for the past several years in offensive, defensive and leadership roles. He is the founder of Haven Information Security, an instructor for SANS, and the Principal Cybersecurity Engineer for PeaceHealth.