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Karaoke Research Council ep. 3 TAPING: Futel + music by The Occupant

Open Signal (Formerly Portland Community Media)
2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97212, USA (map)
Public WiFi

Studio A - please sneak in quietly if it's after 2:00PM



COME BE IN OUR STUDIO AUDIENCE!!! Taping starts at 2 sharp.

Karaoke Research Council is a medium-silly TV show devoted to showing off Portlanders who are using the arts and/or technology to increase human connection in cool ways. And, of course, Karaoke research.

Karl Anderson and Elijah St. Clair of Futel join Ross live in Studio A to discuss and demonstrate their DIY telephone company Futel. Futel's been putting up free pay phones around town that are more than they appear. Check 'em out at http://futel.net/

Musical guest is The Occupant. With a sound that is simultaneously engrossing, abstract, and playful, The Occupant promises to confuse and delight. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/shane-mcdonell

PLUS: -We'll continue our research into next-generation Karaoke with a new online demo of singalong.js that you can play at home with your friends

-E minor drone yoga