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Portland Community Media

2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97212, USA (map)
(503) 288-1515
Public WiFi

The public access station for Portland, OR, as well as a community center, a place to take inexpensive video production classes, learn about technology, and a whole lot more, including:

Specialized services to help non-profit services communicate their mission through media

Youth media education services provided in partnership with schools, after-school program and community based organizations

A free Community Bulletin Board service for community announcements by non-profit organizations, schools and other public service organizations

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Sep 14 2016
    Get 'Er Done: Surveying Digital Project Management Tools

    There are many digital tools out there to help you tackle your projects and "get 'er done"—from full-blown project management platforms to communication and file-sharing tools. Get an idea of the digital project management tools out there with advice and opinions from the pros.

  • Saturday
    Jan 23 2016
    Karaoke Research Council ep. 3 TAPING: Futel + music by The Occupant

    COME BE IN OUR STUDIO AUDIENCE!!! Taping starts at 2 sharp.

    Karaoke Research Council is a medium-silly TV show devoted to showing off Portlanders who are using the arts and/or technology to increase human connection in cool ways. And, of course, Karaoke research.

    Karl Anderson and Elijah St. Clair of Futel join Ross live in Studio A to discuss and demonstrate their DIY telephone company Futel. Futel's been putting up free pay phones around town that are more than they appear. Check 'em out at http://futel.net/

    Musical guest is The Occupant. With a sound that is simultaneously engrossing, abstract, and playful, The Occupant promises to confuse and delight. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/shane-mcdonell

    PLUS: -We'll continue our research into next-generation Karaoke with a new online demo of singalong.js that you can play at home with your friends

    -E minor drone yoga

  • Thursday
    Dec 10 2015
    Karaoke Research Council Episode 3 taping!

    Come join the studio audience for the third episode of Ross Brackett's insane TV show at Portland Community Media

    Special guest is Portland tape loop maestro The Occupant (https://soundcloud.com/shane-mcdonell). Expect: crazy tape loops and DIY VHS visuals!

    Clip from the previous episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygrq1OeDdDM

    We'll talk about recent developments in the development of singalong.js, play along to a new song, marvel at the Occupant, and show the at-home audience how they can experience singalong from the comfort of their living room. Laugh, dance, learn about Javascript.

  • Saturday
    Oct 31 2015
    Karaoke Research Council episode 2 taping

    Come join the studio audience for the second episode of Ross Brackett's insane TV show at Portland Community Media. We use Javascript to create music! Audience members use their Chrome or Safari-equipped phones to create music along with the band!

    Special guest is Portland tape loop maestro The Occupant (https://soundcloud.com/shane-mcdonell). Expect: two musical performances with crazy DIY VHS visuals!

    Clip from the previous episode: http://youtu.be/p7gvDRCnw7s

    Subject matter will include Javascript, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, the holodeck, the Web Audio API