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Tech Talent on the Move - Protecting Your Enterprise When Onboarding and Exiting Key Employees

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub
112 Sw 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



In today’s world, talent, ideas, and business relationships—the lifeblood of a thriving technology company—are as mobile and transferrable as ever. The departure of a few key employees to a competitor can wreak havoc on an enterprise, particularly when the departing employees take concepts, critical skills, or major customers with them. In that situation, if you’re an executive or human resources professional, you might be more than a bit perturbed at the departing employees, who essentially have “poached” assets that may have taken you and your colleagues years to develop. How do you react? Could it have been prevented?

There’s also a flip side: what if you’re trying to hire the employees? You may well have no designs on your competitors’ IP, but a competitor that’s just lost three of its superstars may not see it that way. What’s the best way to minimize the risk of incurring a competitor’s wrath (and potentially a lawsuit) when recruiting and onboarding key employees? What about strategies and best practices for negotiating new noncompetition agreements with the employees?

On June 17th, a panel of executives, CTOs, and HR professionals will discuss their experiences in onboarding and exiting key employees, with an emphasis on how and when they use noncompetition agreements to protect their businesses. Learn which strategies are likely to work—and which likely won’t.

Panel: Ayla Goren, Sr. Human Resources Manager, Elemental Technologies Suk Kim, Vice President & General Counsel, Urban Airship Ananthan Thandri, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Mentor Graphics

Moderator: Edward Piper, Associate, Stoel Rives LLP