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January SAO Corvallis Tech Pub - A New Scale for Nuclear Power

Renaissance on the Riverfront
136 SW Washington Ave.
Corvallis, Oregon 97333, US (map)




A New Scale for Nuclear Power

The Corvallis Chapter of the Software Association of Oregon begins 2010 with presentation from NuScale Power, a local nuclear technology start-up that leveraged technology transferred from Oregon State University to create a revolutionary model for modular nuclear reactors. Kent Welter, a Principal Engineer at NuScale, will give an overview of the technology and describe how NuScale has shaped the future nuclear energy.

The world needs clean, reliable ways to generate electricity. The United States is expected to need 300 gigawatts of new capacity – that’s 150 times the capacity of Hoover Dam – by 2030. Developing nations can only grow as fast as they can power their economies. Global demand for new electric capacity will outpace the U.S. by tenfold in the same period.

Electric companies and government leaders are looking for ways to ensure their citizens have reliable, affordable supplies of electricity. They worry about the volatility of fossil fuel prices and the effects of green house gases.

NuScale Power is providing one of many answers to this problem. NuScale has developed a small nuclear power system that is safe, modular and scalable. The technology was borne of research by leading nuclear scientists with the support of the U.S. government. The design of the NuScale power plant builds on hundreds of combined years of operating experience with commercial light water reactors along with extensive research and laboratory testing of advanced safety systems.

Meeting future demand for electricity requires that we use what we have more efficiently. We must also look to new technologies using wind, solar and wave power and use proven technologies such as nuclear power to meet the needs of future generations.

Join us in for a night of networking and showcase with local technology leaders and entrepreneurs.


5:30 - 6:15: Business Networking Time with finger food, no host bar 6:15 - 6:25: 30-Second Mic (give us your technology business elevator pitch!!) 6:45 Program: NuScale: A New Scale for Nuclear Power

$5 for SAO members or students, and $15 for non-members

RSVP TO: SAO by emailing sao-coordinator [AT] corvallis.sao.or.us or on the Willamette Innovators Network

Includes finger food and no-host bar Ticket Info: $5 for SAO members or students, and $15 for non-members