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PDX Jelly



On Monday November 9, between 9am-5pm, come to PDX Jelly, Portland's new free co-working group. http://WorkAtJelly.com

We'll each work on our own thing in the same space. Meet new friends, share common interests, trade ideas, brainstorm, get some work done, and maybe even get some business referrals.

Bring your laptop or an old-fashioned notebook, and something you're working on, whether it's an online business, an art project, coding, writing or something else.

Souk has offered us room for the day. They're located at 322 NW 6th Avenue & Everett, Suite 200. Buzz #200 at the door. http://soukllc.com/

RSVP with your name, the time you expect to arrive, and what you're working on: " Alex Linsker, 9am, revising the sales site for www.ProductPerks.com " http://wiki.workatjelly.com/JellyInPortland

Alex (503) 468-3950