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TiE OR: Rethinking the Foodshed: The emergent redesign in our food supply system

Ater Wynne
1331 NW Lovejoy, Ste 900
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)



Sustainably grown and organic food is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It is about environmental values but it is also about knowledge: rediscovering taste, rediscovering ripeness, rediscovering the connection between the field and the table.

Are these rediscovered values byproducts of a focus on sustainability?

Or is sustainability achievable precisely because these values are in high demand, and require sustainable agriculture and food delivery systems to succeed?

And how can these solutions scale -- is the concept of "distributed scale" an oxymoron or a breakthrough?

Our current food supply chain has become increasingly complex, involving a global network of farmers, packers, shippers, manufacturers & retailers. Your neighborhood grocery store is likely to carry more items from far flung areas of the world than produce that has been grown locally.

Several incidents over the course of last year have brought the increasing complexity and anonymity of our food supply systems to national - and international - attention. The salmonella outbreaks related to spinach & peanuts, the tainted milk from China as well last year’s hike in gasoline prices that had repercussions in the increased food costs -- all fuel a debate about the importance of controlling how and where our food is grown, harvested, processed, stored, and distributed.

Central to this conversation has been the re-emergence of the idea of the food shed.

How do we get the variety in our food and yet stay local? Does local matter and if so why?

Join us for a discussion on this topic on April 21st with David Lively, marketing Director at Organically Grown, largest wholesaler of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Pacific Northwest.

Registration Details: Online: Members - $15; Non Members - $25 Onsite: Members - $20; Non Members - $30