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  • Saturday
    Nov 21 2020
    Where to Begin with Python? Zoom Link Available on Eventbrite.


    In this session, we'll practice some examples from codingbat.com. We'll work on a few problems such as strings, lists, booleans, and loops. Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to continue your journey to learn Python.

    This session will be on Zoom for an hour. We'll spend most of our time covering examples. Whatever time is left, we'll spend with general Q&A.

  • Saturday
    Aug 22 2020
    How to Speak Every Language: A Tour of the International Phonetic Alphabet


    Join us for an interactive tour of IPA and you'll be more confident the next time you open your mouth to speak a new language.

    The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is how linguists classify and organize all the sounds of the world's languages. It has all the consonants, vowels, clicks, and everything in-between that we need to speak, like a periodic table of talking. For language learners, familiarity with IPA is a powerful tool to understand how to make new sounds in their target language.

  • Saturday
    Aug 8 2020
    Art Share - Share Your Talents


    Would you like to share your art with other talented artists? Join us on Zoom for an hour to collaborate on our favorite art projects. I'll start us off by sharing my favorite paintings in my sketchbook. I can give a brief history of how I learned the fundamentals including shadows, perspective, composition, construction, proportions, gestures, color theory, and anatomy.

    Whatever time we have left, others are welcome to share their art projects. We'll even do a Zoom poll to vote on upcoming topic ideas.

  • Wednesday
    May 27 2020
    Invest in Yourself: Alchemy Virtual Preview


    Invest in Yourself: Alchemy Virtual Preview Wednesday, May 27 12:00pm - 1:00pm Free via Zoom

    SIGN UP @ Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/alchemycodelab/events/270789261/)

    Are you thinking about learning to code, but not sure about where or when? Considering a career transition and want to know more about jobs in tech?

    Join the Alchemy Code Lab team for a free virtual preview of our software development training program, plus get information on how to determine the right education investment for your career goals.

    • Learn more about being a Software Developer including starting salaries
    • Find out who hires newly trained software developers in Portland
    • How COVID is impacting the tech industry, including the remote work trend
    • Hear Alchemy grad stories and experience joining a team
    • How Alchemy’s training program is different from most code courses

    Additionally, find out about our free, week long, Developer 101 course starting June 8.

    Don’t miss this behind the scenes look at tech training at Alchemy Code Lab!