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Hatch Lab PDX,

2420 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232, United States (map)

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  • Thursday
    Jun 21 2018
    Personalized Marketing Through Automation is Possible

    Hatch Lab PDX,

    Participants will learn how to do marketing and sales for any product or service more efficiently and productively through the use of marketing and sales technology. They will also be able to hear what solutions, as there are many, would be a good fit for their particular needs.

    This workshop is taught by Bottom Line Strategy Group.

  • Wednesday
    Jun 6 2018
    Creating a Business for Good and For Profit - RSVP for FREE

    Hatch Lab PDX,

    In all industries including the tech industry, there is a growing business movement in Oregon helping build healthy and equitable communities. Entrepreneurs, Millennials, Boomers, small and midsize companies, even nonprofits and NGOs are discovering how to positively impact the world and make a profit. The movement’s focus: the “Triple Bottom Line,” or People, Planet and Profit. These companies are called Benefit Companies, Benefit Corporations and B Corps and they believe and act differently than other businesses.

    In this hands-on workshop, we:

    -Give you with the business case for this model

    -Share with you why it is gaining traction across the state and across the country

    -Explain the differences between a Benefit Company, Benefit Corporation, and a B-Corp -Share insight from Oregon business leaders embracing this model and how it has helped them thrive.

    This session is facilitated by Tom Hering and MaryAnne Harmer of Benefit Corporations for Good.

  • Tuesday
    Apr 10 2018
    Better Email Marketing: Active Campaign 101

    Hatch Lab PDX,

    Have you ever wondered how all the wiz-bang marketing professionals are able to increase website traffic and conversion rates for their clients? Yeah, we did too. So, we asked the very talented Jake Wagner, CDMP to host a workshop on one of the comprehensive email marketing solutions available today, Active Campaign. In this workshop, Jake will introduce newsletter campaigns, contact managment, automation set up, and the reporting and analytics that are included in this online tool.

    If you haven’t heard of ActiveCampaign, it’s like MailChimp on steroids. It is a great tool at an affordable price, making it the best fit for many entrepreneurs. Bring your laptop and desire for better communication to the first of these one hour workshops!