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707 SW Washington St, 11th Floor
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)

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  • Saturday
    Nov 10 2018
    Predictive Analytics and Modeling -R Programming


    Data Science Is the Future of Everything

    Predictive Modeling and Analytics with R

    Join us for our Predictive Modeling and Analytics workshop on Saturday, November 10th, 2018; featuring Martin Jetton, with 30+ years of advanced supply chain analytics, predictive analytics, and statistical consulting experience. In his previous role, he was the Senior Predictive Consultant at Corios; where he developed predictive models and scorecards, forecast trends, identify uncertainties, and assign the ideal strategies to maximize performance.

    The world has now turned into a digital workspace. Online activity and real-world sensors are generating torrents of data about everything from weather to crime to our buying habits. Increasing computer power and new analytical techniques promise to turn masses of raw data into actionable intelligence—and thereby transform a variety of industries and propel us to a data-driven economy. According to analysts, the Data Analytics market will be almost $50B by 2020. Coupled with the estimation that by 2019 there will nearly 1.2 million open data jobs with no one to fill them, it is clear that understanding and communicating with data will be critical for impact. The skills needed to be a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, or Data Scientist are all about to be in real demand, and our trainings with experience Data Science Practitioners will help you get head start! (International Data Corporation).


    Facebook - For behavior analysis related to status updates and profile pictures. Google - For advertising effectiveness and economic forecasting. Twitter - For data visualization and semantic clustering Microsoft - Acquired Revolution R company and use it for a variety of purposes. Xbox uses R for a great gaming experience. Uber - For statistical analysis Airbnb - Scale data science. IBM - To help create IBM Watson, an open, cognitive computing technology platform that represents a new era in computing where systems understand the world like humans do: through senses, learning, and experience.

    This course will introduce you to some of the most widely used predictive modeling techniques and their core principles. By taking this course, you will form a solid foundation of predictive analytics, which refers to tools and techniques for building statistical or machine learning models to make predictions based on data. You will learn how to carry out exploratory data analysis to gain insights and prepare data for predictive modeling, an essential skill valued in the business.


    R is a programming language originally written for statisticians to do statistical analysis, including predictive analytics. It’s open-source software, used extensively in academia to teach such disciplines as statistics, bioinformatics, and economics. From its humble beginnings, it has since been extended to do data modeling, data mining, and predictive analysis.


    Martin Jetton has 30+ years of advanced supply chain analytics, predictive analytics, and statistical consulting experience. He's currently a Principal at the Liberty Advisor Group, where he works in advanced supply chain analytics. In his previous role, he was the Senior Predictive Consultant at Corios; where he developed predictive models and scorecards, forecast trends, identify uncertainties, and assign the ideal strategies to maximize performance. The firm’s clients are in the banking, brokerage, credit, utilities and healthcare industries.


    This is one of our high demand classes. In the case, we sale out; email us at [email protected] and ask when our next course will be in.

  • Wednesday
    Jul 11 2018
    Meet Owl's Head - A Digital Agency looking for Jr. Web Developers


    Only 1% of online applicants get hired. While up to 85% of jobs are filled from networking

    The problem is most people hate networking and connecting to companies meaningfully can be daunting.

    We've created an event to help you connect with tech companies who are hiring - anxiety free

    Owl's Head will be sharing about their work culture, what it's like to work for them, and taking applications for a Jr. Web Developer. This is not only for Web Developers though! The next jobs they will be looking to fill are an SEO Expert and a Developer.

    We will also have food, drinks, and door prizes!

  • Thursday
    Feb 1 2018
    Bitcoin 101: The Basics


    • What we'll do The price of Bitcoin has sky-rocketed this year as global adoption continues to trend upward, as more governments recognize it as currency, and as impoverished populations seek refuge in an uncensorable, free-to-access, and relatively stable global payment network. Yet, Bitcoin's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness: there is no centralized authority in Bitcoin. While this fact is majorly (r)evolutionary, it also means that it can be hard to know where to find reliable information. Join us for this introductory workshop to learn the basics:

    • What is Bitcoin?
    • What makes Bitcoin unique?
    • How to choose the best wallet for you
    • How to buy your first bits of a bitcoin
    • Resources and tools for expanding your knowledge
    • Q & A

    Phoenyx Guyton has a degree in Global Economic Systems and International Business, and has been a student of decentralized systems, social movements, and cryptocurrencies for many years. She co-founded a Bitcoin consulting business 4 years ago, has written many helpful guides, and is currently writing a book about Bitcoin. (Note: She is not a financial adviser and will not be giving financial or investment advice.)

    Bitcoin encouraged; PayPal, Venmo, SquareCash, and cash accepted. No one turned away for lack of funds.

    Tickets are $5 at the door, no one is turned away.

    • What to bring Smartphone

    RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Startup-Your-Startup/events/246626726/

  • Thursday
    Nov 30 2017
    CMX Portland - Raking Leaves in a Hurricane (Day in the Life of a Community Manager)


    Raking Leaves in a Hurricane (Day in the LIfe of a Community Manager)

    What does a technical community manager for a global tech company do?

    If you've wondered what it's like, (and whether it's really as glamorous as it sounds), here's your chance to get the straight scoop from a community-building boss!

    Bring your lunch and meet your fellow Portland community managers as we learn from Allison Krug, Technical Community Manager at AppNexus (https://www.appnexus.com/en), Headquartered in New York, AppNexus has 23 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Speaker: Allison Krug

    Hosted By: Clarissa Cooper, Lead Organizer

    I'm a Pacific Northwest native and entrepreneur. I recently launched a community-based company to help women find clothes that fit and have more fun doing it (WeFitMe). I'm honored to get the CMX Series going in Portland and can't wait to meet professional community builders here!.

    Twitter: @ryzhy (http://twitter.com/ryzhy) Susan Silver, Co-Lead Organizer @Susan_Silver (https://twitter.com/Susan_Silver)

    Partner: NedSpace

    15,000 square feet of great office space in the heart of downtown Portland for co-working, startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, and remote workers

    What is CMX?

    Advancing the community industry and helping community professionals thrive.