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New Relic

111 SW 5th Ave, #2700
27th floor, OR 97204, us (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 14 2017
    Write The Docs PDX - Learn About The Wacom User Help System

    New Relic

    Wacom -- a company which develops Pen Input hardware -- needed a user help system to move beyond static PDFs. Their solution was to separate product-specific PDFs into a series of, mostly common, HTML topic pages. These HTML file were, in turn, processed into a web deliverable package via Python scripting.

    The solution is complex, as the Wacom system includes interrelationships between 150+ topics across over 30 products and 14 languages.

    The solution required “a more technical Tech Writer” -- as it required knowledge of HTML
    Excel Macros

    Wacom implemented their solution by integrating their tech writer in their Engineering team. They also included a dedicated engineering resource to support design and development of their technical docs.

    Speaker: Arthur Krebsbach, Windows Software Engineer