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8371 N. Interstate Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217, United States (map)
(503) 286-9449

The Mission

Committed to contemporary art since 2000, Disjecta provides essential resources for artists to create and exhibit new work.

After a period of uncharacteristic quietness, Disjecta is pleased to formally announce the public opening of our new 10,000 sf arts building at 8371 N Interstate in the historic Kenton neighborhood. The former bowling alley turned abandoned hydraulic shop has undergone a facelift since we signed a long-term lease in January 2008 and now houses five large, fully leased artist studios, along with 3,500 sf of visual exhibition space. When complete, the new Disjecta will include a fully equipped, affordable 1,600 sf rehearsal space available to independent performing artists and companies. In 2009, we will add expanded offices, residency studios and a café/bar.

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Sep 20 2013
    INCIDENT ENERGY: an infrared video installation


    INCIDENT ENERGY is a multi-channel video installation by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas filmed with heat-sensitive Thermal Imaging (infrared/IR) cameras, exploring themes of nature, culture and the body. By utilizing Range Phenomenology technology usually associated with military, border, or aerial surveillance, we aim to inspire contemplation by framing the luminous energy of the human body and offering a glimpse into visual worlds that are ever-present yet hidden from our perception. Thermal imaging details the subtle changes in heating and cooling surface temperatures, revealing the changing light in corporeal and inanimate objects; heat appears white and cold becomes black. By visualizing changing heat-signatures radiating from the body, one senses the temporal coalescence of ancient stellar energy in the form of living beings. “We share a mutual fascination with the aesthetic of the human body and the intersection of technology within art and science; and how the advancement of surveillance technology continues to change cultural and human interaction - for better or worse - in practical, philosophical and creative ways.” -Lucas and Pander Contrasting the stark IR imagery with primal human movement, dance choreographer Jim McGinn and accompanying performers appear as translucent primitive humans, like living alabaster sculptures in a timeless realm where bodies possess a simultaneous interiority/exteriority; as warm veins, cold extremities and breath are all visible (in real time, no special effects). Scenes filmed in nature and in contemporary settings reflect events and emotions of community, love, birth, conflict, decay and death unfolding against black snow-covered forests, empty beach landscapes and dense urban crowds, juxtaposed with vast solar, lunar and interstellar imagery. OPENING NIGHT PERFORMANCE: Dancer Jim McGinn will perform live at the opening reception in conjunction with the installation; his body silhouetted against simultaneous live thermal image projections that echo his movements.

  • Sunday
    Jun 27 2010
    Electrogals 2010


    Electrogals 2010 - Call & Response All Women - All Electronic

    The concert will showcase female electronic music performers from Portland and the West Coast, featuring synthesists, sonic explorers, deep listeners, circuit benders, and beat manglers. The performances will cover a wide range of styles, from beat-heavy song forms to abstract noise-generated soundscapes. Some of the performances will also include the audience, in ways that will definitely surprise and delight - and no, there won't be any embarrassing sing-alongs. Probably.

    About the Electrogals series

    Although there is nothing inherently manly about creating or performing electronic music, the female electronic musician is something of a rare bird. Electrogals 2010 will be the fourth in this series of showcases for women who have immersed themselves in this art form.

    The first Electrogals show happened in 1995 at Mills College in Oakland, when composer Heather Perkins gathered a group of female electronic musicians for a show at the Mills Concert Hall. In 2004, Heather put on another Electrogals concert as part of the Sound/Craft music series at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. In the spring of 2008, Heather Perkins, Mary Wright and Christi Denton put on an Electrogals concert at Holocene, filling both stages with an amazing lineup.

    All compositions for Electrogals 2010 will be written by Portland composer and performer Heather Perkins, and performed by an all-star roster of female electronic music performers.

    NOTE: The time isn't listed on the website, it could be inaccurate.

  • Saturday
    Apr 18 2009
    Portland Food Cart festival


    Willamette Week's 2nd Annual

      Here's your chance to celebrate Portland's street-food scene and sample dishes from some of Willamette Week's favorite food carts all in one place–for the recession-busting price of $5. The event is on Saturday, April 18, from 5:30–9:30 pm, at the Disjecta space at 8371 N. Interstate Avenue, conveniently located near the Denver MAX stop.
      Dutch tacos, vegan milkshakes, Schnitzelwiches, Italian meatball sandwiches–Portland's street-food scene has transcended the "roach coach" model and come into its own as a uniquely local gourmet movement with a side of ethnic flavor. These mobile kitchens turn out dishes that rival those of any brick-and-mortar restaurant, but faster and for less than $8. Only problem is, with upward of 170 carts in town, it's difficult to try them all.
      This year you'll enjoy samples from Al Forno Ferruzza, Altengartz Bratwurst, Cafe Velo, Fat Kitty Falafel, Flavour Spot, Garden State, Junior Ambassadors, Taqueria Los Gorditos, LeRoy's Familiar Vittles, Lulu's Confections, Moxie Rx, Nuevo Mexico, Sip, Soup Cycle, Tabor, The Grilled Cheese Grill and Todbott's Triangles.
      While you're at the event, drink BridgePort Beer and signature cocktails by House Spirits Distillery, and enjoy live music by local band Mimicking Birds. 
      All proceeds benefit Mercy Corps NW.