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Apr 23, 2020
Really Working from Home: How to get the most out of your now remote employment

With the onset of quarantine and social distancing, many of us have been settling into a somewhat surreal semblance of remote work. It doesn't feel quite right. But we're doing our best to fake it. And because of that we're not really working from home.

PIE wants to help. That's why we've assembled a panel of PIE mentors: one who helps lead a successful remote only company, one who has worked as a remote employee for a decade while working alongside an online school student, and one who has assembled the most fervent community of remote workers on the planet — all while leading a remote company, himself.

Join these incredibly insightful PIE mentors for an open and honest discussion about how to be truly successful as a remote employee. And how to manage remote teams. And deal with all the life that happens when that life all happens in a single place.

Any question you've had about working from home, these folks are going to be able to answer.

Invited panelists

  • Barrett Brooks, ConvertKit
  • Cami Kaos, Automattic
  • Darren Buckner, Workfrom


Jul 30, 2020
New Normals: BiT Online Leadership Roundtable Event & Careers Announcement

New Normals: BiT Online Leadership Roundtable Event & Careers Announcement (ZOOM Info TBD)

We'll have tech leaders speak about how tech companies are showing up in this era for our communities. We are featuring Orlando Williams, Blaire Hervey, Peter Beasley (MC/speaker), and likely a third panelist.

We are targeting work from home, economic uncertainty, and Black Lives Matter. Our communities are often a source of shared creativity but there are growing professional & wealth gaps.

We will have a RAFFLE and BREAK OUT rooms. Event will be online through Zoom. Please enable your video when you can and feel free to text comments during the meeting.

Orlando founded Motus Recruiting and Staffing in 2006, and in a short time the company has grown to be one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most respected staffing firms under his hands-on, high-integrity leadership. He attributes his success across a wide scope of careers to his personal approach of “servant leadership.” He is also a game analyst for the NBA Portland Trailblazers.

Blaire is a badass Business + Career Coach, Culture Influencer, Motivational Speaker + Sales Enablement Leader at Amazon Web Services. Blaire also serves as The Corporate Strategist on the Visionary Squad for PDX Women of Color, on the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Family Services’ DEI committee, Junior League of Portland’s DEI Strategy committee & Racial Justice for BIPOCs special committee. She also consults for the Vancouver NAACP, crafting culturally specific messaging to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the Black community.

Executive Director of BIT Foundation Peter is a technologist, having led corporate technology infrastructure teams for over 30 years in oil & gas, healthcare, government, and in the financial services industries. Peter on behalf of BiT National was recently quoted in the Wallstreet Journal.