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Jan 28, 2010
Online Video Training and Promotion in the Scientific and Industrial Markets

Create online presence and support for technical products using video for web as a primary vehicle. This webinar will present ideas for creating, promoting and optimizing online videos for training, sales, and technical support of products. Video for the web fits especially well with products that require set up, calibration and regular maintenance such as laboratory instruments, equipment, and industrial products with technical applications.

Vinnie Martorano with Sheldon MFG. will be presenting a case study on Sheldon's latest product launch the 3552 CO2 Incubator. Challenged with supporting and educating a worldwide dealer network, Sheldon MFG began using video to train and promote their line of laboratory incubators, ovens, and chambers. Using video Sheldon was able to launch the 3552 into the global marketplace quickly and clearly. Mr. Martorano will elaborate on the chosen content, format and results seen thus far in this latest product release.

May 10, 2012
Innovation in Motion Panel Discussion: Video Killed the Radio Star
CrowdCompass office in the Ford Building


Keith Wymbs, CMO from Elemental Technologies

Tomas Robertsson, Business Developement from Deltatre

Zeke Camusio, CEO from The Outsourcing Company

Panel event is free but RSVP is required here

Making the argument for the future of video marketing is easy. Actually, it’s not even an argument. Online advertising is growing, and videos are the fastest growing sector. More people are watching videos online, for more hours, and the marketers are waving video flags all around us. Join our video experts in a panel discussion on the future trends of video marketing and video technology. Find out what is disrupting the broadcast video landscape.

This session will provide an overview of how traditional media delivery and advertising are evolving in the Internet age. The session will also delve into some of the key technology trends that are enabling a video everywhere world and how specific initiatives announced by major players in industry over the last year show how quickly these trends are accelerating.