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Apr 4, 2009
16 Guidelines for LIfe
through Maitripa College

The 16 Guidelines provide a practical framework for reflecting on the way we think, speak and act, and for creating the causes to experience lasting happiness and meaning. The latest research being carried out by neuroscientists suggests that we all have the potential to continue developing and transforming our minds, from birth right up until death. The 16 Guidelines show us a way of doing this which will benefit both ourselves and other people. THE GLOBAL POTENTIAL OF THE GUIDELINES The 16 Guidelines are more than simply words: they are an inspiration for taking action in all kinds of ways to benefit oneself and others. Many workshop participants continue to use them not only on a personal level, but also in their working lives. Since they were first launched in 2007 they have inspired a range of practical projects – in schools, colleges, businesses, healthcare organisations, drug rehabilitation centres and prisons – all around the globe. They are currently being translated into over 6 different languages, and a range of multimedia resources for children, young people and adults is under development. Visit to find out more.

Aug 5, 2014
Using Social Media as a Client Service Strategy - Risk, Rewards and Best Practices to Adopt
Multnomah Athletic Club

Please join us for a two-part panel on August 5th as we explore the growing trend of using social media in a service setting.

Panel 1: Using Social Media as a Client Service Strategy: The Legal, Employee and Business Risks and Rewards

Panel 2: Using Social Media as a Client Service Strategy: Best Practices - What to Adopt and What to Avoid when Implementing a Social Strategy

Panel I: The Legal, Employee and Business Risks and Rewards

There’s a lot of buzz around using social media to add a value to your service strategy, but it is not risk free. Do you know some companies consider "connecting" with a client on a social media site as a breach of confidence? When you work in a regulated industry bound by HIPAA etc but your customers want to share their private information, how do you balance their needs with the business need to adhere to regulation? How much risk are you willing to take as an organization? Are you even the right business to be adopting a social medial service strategy?

Learn about some of these risks and rewards as you embark or enhance your service strategy as it relates to social media.


Jean Ohman Back, Attorney, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt- As a member of Schwabe’s Litigation Section and the Labor and Employment practice group, Jean advises employers about state and federal employment laws.

Jean will discuss the legal risks for employers based on employee use of social media and how to mitigate risks when employees are not trained to understand the guidelines of what's appropriate. She will also share examples of where employees have misfired and what employers have done to manage damage control and avoid future risks.

Jeremy Solly, Social Media Manager, Cambia Health Solutions – As an experienced marketing strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for utilizing innovative technology, Jeremy has spent his 7 years in online content curation, web development, email marketing, SEO, key account sales, social media strategy, and marketing and public relations for both the B2C and B2B industries.

Jeremy will discuss why it’s important to give your customers the choice to use social as a vehicle to engage with your service department, even in industries with tight regulations and controls on data, such as the health care industry.

David Kastendick, Social Customer Delivery Manager with Adobe Systems - As a leader within Adobe's Customer Care group, David has focused on evangelizing the use of social media as a support engagement platform.

David will discuss the factors that must be considered when an enterprise chooses to start supporting customers via social channels.

Moderator: Claire Hernandez, Client Services Consultant

Panel 2: Best Practices - What to Adopt and What to Avoid when Implementing a Social Strategy

Now that you've decided to add social to your overall services strategy, how do you implement it effectively? Find out what measurements make sense to track and how to get your employees ready. Hear how to engage your customers and find out how to reduce call volume while increasing customer satisfaction. Learn from a panel of services department executives on what's worked, what hasn't, and the overall impact on their customers and their companies.


Adam Mertz, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Jive Software - Adam has worked with hundreds of companies as they plan and implement social strategies. Adam leads Jive's go-to-market plans for the JiveX customer and partner community platform, and also works analysts focused on social for prospect, customer, partner and employee uses.

Adam will discuss the enormous rewards that can come from changing the way companies engage customers. Adam will provide examples of companies effectively turning their customers into an extension of their support team, and in the process achieving double-digit percentage improvements in 3 key areas: 1) Lower support calls and cases 2) Higher customer satisfaction 3) Accelerated new and repeat sales.

Michelle Mattson, Sr. Manager - Social Customer Support, T-Mobile - T-Mobile has been busy disrupting the marketplace by making Un-carrier moves that are forcing the other guys to try to compete with its strong data network, no contracts, and Un-carrier pricing. With each Un-carrier move, it is imperative that T-Mobile is ready to answer questions, resolve issues and engage with the excitement across its social media properties.

Michelle will cover how T-Mobile’s social customer support (T-Force) team has evolved in the social media space over the past 2 years and how they’re more focused now than ever with companies bold Un-carrier movement.

Moderator: Chris Adamek, Managing Director, ACME Business Consulting

When: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 Time: 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM Where: The Multnomah Athletic Club, 1849 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205 Cost: $35 Members, $55 Nonmembers

Series Sponsor: HealthSparq

Sponsorships available. Contact [email protected].