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Sep 6, 2017
RCSQE: What place does a manager have in a self-directed agile team?
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Rose City Software Quality Engineers hosting

A naive view of agile software development discounts the value of traditional management. Managers can play a critical role in team alignment, team member development, and cross-company coordination. Chris will share his experience along with specific tips on how to be an effective manager in an agile world.

About Chris Brooks

Chris has spent the last 25 years working in a wide variety of software development organizations. He has:

Developed simulators to research new cockpit designs for the US Air ForceBuilt software for semiconductor and electronics manufacturingLed teams in the construction and shipping of an online banking platform that served seven of the ten largest banks in the USLed an organization responsible for delivering health and wellness solutions to over 30 million users at many of the largest employers and health plans in the US

Most recently, Chris was...

VP of Engineering and CTO at Fiserv / Corillian through its growth phase, IPO, and eventual sale to CheckFree. Chris led the product engineering and product management functions for over seven years.Original CTO at TSSI / ProjectDX where he remained until its sale to Renew Financial. SVP of Engineering at WebMD Health Services