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Jun 20, 2009
Quartz Composer Workshop
TechShop Portland [closed]

Learn to Make Interactive Video with your Mac!

Free. Reserve your space on Yahoo Upcoming

We are very lucky to have Surya Buchwald (also known as Momo the Monster) teaching a Quartz Composer workshop.

Quartz Composer (QC) is a free, powerful easy-to-use visual programming language for the Apple Macintosh. This workshop will take you from starting the program for the first time to building your own Interactive scene controlled with a gamepad. You’ll learn how to teach yourself QC, and meet others with whom you can collaborate and troubleshoot. No programming experience necessary.

For more information about QC, see: To play with an interactive video piece (written by Surya), go to — click and hold your mouse on the video and move it around to control the video.

Immediately following the QC workshop, from 3-6pm, we will have a meeting of the NorthWest AudioVisualists, a new group of artists, musicians, animators, and video jockeys, which will include live performances using QC. See for more information.


Macintosh computer running 10.5 (Leopard). Anything from a G4 iBook to a Mac Pro tower will work.

Gamepad (Mac-compatible). We recommend the Logitech Dual Action (either Apple Only or USB), which looks like a Playstation controller and can be purchased for $20 (from GameStop, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Best Buy, etc.). You can use any USB controller or joystick, but this one will be the easiest with which to follow along.

XCode - This can be installed from your System DVD that came with your computer - it used to be called ‘Developer Tools’. It will install the components needed to develop software on your machine, including our Quartz Composer program. After installing, do a system update.

May 22, 2012
CrowdCompass office in the Ford Building

NSCoder is collaboration between other iOS and Mac developers from Portland. We're following the Stanford iOS Dev course currently.