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Feb 21, 2012
Data, Culture, Networks, People or How to be a total baller when it comes to executing on ideas

Executing on an idea is hard. Making sure you're correctly moving forward on the idea is even harder. At core of every smart decision is the intersection of four major themes: Data, Culture, Networks, and People.

This talk will motivate this belief with data and epic tales about, OurShelf, and Tutorspree, leaving you with a framework on how to more effectively push an idea into a successful product.

About the speaker: Paul deGrandis lives for magnificent engineering. Elegant, well-founded, useful solutions to problems that say something about engineering's beauty. He loves metrics, taking on the impossible, and making lives better through technology. Currently he is the VP of Engineering at Tutorspree (YC). Previously he worked at PushButton Labs,, OurShelf (DreamIt), and SilverCloud Software as well as working in advanced research (DARPA). He's also contributed, time, money, and effort to Code for America, PyPy, and Clojure.