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Oct 17, 2011
Vision Planning for the Community-Minded
Collective Agency Downtown

Whether a website, open source project, discussion group, visual art, nonprofit startup, or any kind of work, the main focus of the people who show up will be for the benefit of a group or groups of people (the "community"). We’ll have fun and develop a vision planning community of our own.

Do you not yet have a vision statement written out, or would you like to tweak or revise the one you have? Do you say things like, "I'm hoping someone will want to contribute to my project, it is for the public good after all?" Then this workshop is for you.

Third Mondays: October 17th, 7-9pm. Mark Grimes (NedSpace), Cheri Anderson (executive coach for Nike, startups, and small business owners), Cat Poole (social services and e-textiles), will be here, and last time included Russ Finkelstein (formerly Idealist Portland). Many others, from UX consultants to sculptors, will be here. Come mentor and be mentored here! Free of charge.

The main questions about your vision: What are your underlying motives? What phrasing describes the reason why you’re doing this?

If related questions come up organically, we’ll explore. These questions of vision are where groups like “Collective Agency” began.

In 2 hours we will meet-and-greet (go around and say what we’re working on and what we’d like to happen with it), have a brief overview, then invest most of the time in one-on-one coaching in 15 minute sessions.

Please RSVP. Plancast is best, so people can see you're coming. Email [email protected] or tweet @alexlinsker with any questions.