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Apr 13, 2016
ResponsiveOrg Meetup
Coraggio Group

We are gathering on April 13, 2016 to meet like-minded professionals interested in the future of meaningful work and effective teams.

Our world is increasingly complex, and traditional models for managing organizations, incentivizing workers, and fostering innovation are broken. A movement is growing that embraces openness, experimentation, empowerment, and purpose in the workplace. This movement has many influences, best summed up in the ResponsiveOrg Manifesto:

This event will be informed by attendees. We hope to connect, share ideas, and plan future gatherings based on the interests and enthusiasm of our fellow Portlanders. We’ll also indulge in locally-sourced beer, wine and treats as we ruminate on the meaning of responsive.

Some of the tools and approaches we bring to the table include (but are not limited by):, Agile, LEAN, Holacracy, B Corporations, and Equity & Inclusion initiatives.

Books we’ve been reading include: Smarter Faster Better, Teaming, How Google Works, Creativity Inc., Deep Work, Reinventing Organizations, The Connected Company, and Team of Teams.

Everyone welcome.