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Feb 12, 2011
Civic Webs DataCamp Meetup
Research Club

Come and work with developers, designers, citizens, librarians, statisticians and urban planners to brainstorm and create applications that improve the city you live in. You don't need to process massive data sets, or have knowledge of the latest fancy database. We encourage "small data" projects and creativity in solving problems.

Examples of things to do: Projects such as: Opening data: Scraping public data:

Max Ogden will be co-hacking from Boston, where he's currently placed for his Code for America fellowship.

Jul 18, 2012
School of Data's Data Wrangling Handbook Sprint
Collective Agency Downtown

We're sprinting to create a draft of the Data Wrangling Handbook, which is a supporting text for the School of Data. The School of Data will be a place where anyone anywhere can learn how to find, clean, analyze, and communicate with data.

If you plan to attend please sign up on the etherpad.

The School of Data is a partnership between the Open Knowledge Foundation and Peer 2 Peer University, with the goal of making open data accessible to everyone.

Feb 3, 2017
Data Rescue Portland

RSVP required:

Calling all computer programmers, scientists, librarians, data hoarders and civic technologists! Let's work towards supporting Internet Archive,, University of Pennsylvania and the California Digital Library on various projects to back up open government and scientific datasets as part of the #datarefuge initiative.

Let [email protected] know if your company would like to sponsor dinner!

We will be focusing on contributing to backup efforts for Climate Mirror as well as

This event is a volunteer effort to contribute to data back up efforts. By attending you agree to our Code of Conduct which we will enforce. Mozilla requires all attendees to provide their name a photo to enter their office.

This event is being organized by Max Ogden (Donut.js, The Dat Project), Danielle Robinson (OHSU/Mozilla Science Lab), Gabriela Rodríguez Beron and the rest of the Science Hack Day Portland and Donut.js communities.

Logo forked from Brendan O'Brien at Data Rescue Boston.