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Mar 5, 2015
CTRL-H Hack Night!
CTRLH - PDX Hackerspace

Robot Hack Night and a DeLorean! Thursday, 3/5 6pm

Next week’s open house is going to be a bit different than usual. We’re mixing things up and hosting an impromptu robot hacking competition, similar to hebocon.

Heard of hebocon? It is a sumo style battle competition for crappy robots! Rules are here Come hang out, build a crappy robot that battles against other crappy robots. The winner (or crappiest) will win a free ticket to ‘Hack to the Future’, but more on that in the next paragraph. Bring an old rc car or other electronics to assemble a robot for the competition.

Also, you may be wondering, ‘what was that about a DeLorean?!’ Our friends over at Hackster ( are going to be in town for their 10 city ‘Hack to the Future’ tour. One of the stops is here at CTRL-H! We’re very excited to host their Delorean on our back lot for the evening. Additionally, we’ve gotten a hold of a 50% off discount code. Use CTRL-H at checkout for your 'Hack to the Future' tickets.

So come by and see a Delorean in person, and stick around for food, drinks and plenty of robot hacking!

Thursdays are open house night here at CTRL-H. This is when members gather and can open the door for you. We know we can be there by 7:00PM, but most of the time we are hours early. We don't have an opening ceremony or any formal meeting. This is a time for you to eavesdrop on other peoples projects and get support on a project that you may need help with. Bring your inventions, your technical toys and your broken microwave to CTRL-H and Hack with friends.