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Mar 4, 2015
Javascript Study Group and Hack Night (now with more than intro fun!)
PDX Code Guild

We will be meeting up for a JavaScript Study Group.

An intro to JavaScript class will be taught for anyone who is looking to get into programming.

There will also be an intermediate group project to work on to hone your skills together. The intermediate group will work on Conway's Game of Life and or Fiz Buzz to tackle some classic coding problems together.
Game of Life:

Finger food will be provided. Please bring your own laptop or tablet if you would like to come to the JavaScript class. Come for some good company and bring a project to work on. We'll be here to bounce ideas off each other and continue to work out what we would like to run as a community.

For those of your interested in getting started in programming, feel free to check out the resources below. Bring your questions and confusion and we'll help you clear things up! JavaScript Getting Started Resources:

Advanced Beginners can start in on some Coder Projects:


Mar 14, 2015
PI Party

More details to be announced.

Anything in a pie shape. Pie eating contest and maybe some tech challenges..

if you are interested in sponsoring or helping, please email alena (at)

Portland PI Party
Portland Code School


  1. YOUR FAMILY! yes this event is for your entire family including children

  2. A pie for the pie baking contest. There will be 3 categories of judging: Visual Appeal, Sweet, Savory. So feel free to make any pie you'd like including Shepherds Pie or Pot Pie

  3. A Laptop to participate in some of our tech challenges

  4. A Story of your best use of math/pi/pie in your own technical journey


  1. Pizza! Thanks to Portland Code School

  2. Challenges: these include math or technical challenges and games for both children and adults. Who can recite the most digits of PI?

  3. Awards/Prizes: We currently have some of these available and are still interested in more sponsors. So if you or your company would like to sponsor a "Challenge" please contact alena(at)

This is designed to be a fun time to get out with people in the tech community in a completely different environment! If you have anything you would like to see or share, please contact alena(at)

OFFICIAL KICK OFF 9/14/15 9:26:53 of course ;)

Please let us know you're coming at