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Oct 27, 2014
Why is Your App Slow? And How to Fix It!
Urban Airship Inc

Jonathan Karon leads the team that builds New Relic Mobile, the world’s first real time management software for monitoring the performance of mobile apps in production. He is in a unique position to get an industry-wide view on the factors that affect mobile app performance. 

He has seen companies do it well, and not so well, and seen what it takes to transform a balky, slow app into a first-class champion. Join us as he shares the tips and tricks needed to avoid frustrated users, attrition, and bad app store reviews.

What are the root causes of performance problems?

Jonathan will discuss the 3 most common causes of app slowness: Network latency & errors, on-device code execution with unexpected data, and waiting for slow hardware features.

How can you fix them?

Hear best practices, tips, and tricks for improving the speed of common operations like network requests, database access, image loading, etc. We’ll also review design patterns for accommodating slow subsystems like GPS, camera, and webviews.

How can you avoid getting trapped by poor performing software?

The earlier you think about performance bottlenecks and design around them, the less frustration and cost you will face getting your app to market. Jonathan will share a software design methodology rooted in systems modeling that bridges the gap between UX design and source code. You will identify potential bottlenecks in your app before it’s written, have productive conversations with designers about optimal user experience, and spend less time re-designing object models and web APIs.