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Jun 29, 2010
JETRO Clean Tech Seminar Series: Japan-U.S. Smart Grid Market Trends of the Future
NW Natural

Global companies are closely eyeing the opportunity in the now-developing and popular smart grid market. Currently, the U.S. is the hot spot for smart grid development and is also attracting Asian companies from Japan, China and Korea, who are interested in deploying their smart grid technologies in the U.S. However, a majority of the U.S.-based smart grid technology companies in this market are unaware of the opportunities outside of the U.S.

This seminar will off er opportunities to learn what is happening in the smart grid market in Japan and the U.S. Furthermore, in this seminar you will learn ideas on how Japanese and U.S. smart grid companies could complement each other to grow the market together.

The general difference in the current implementation of the smart grid in Japan and the U.S. is that the U.S. seems more business-focused, aiming to reduce energy costs and develop infrastructure, while Japan seems more society-focused, seeking to reduce carbon emissions as a whole. Japan already has a reliable grid and is pushing for advanced integrated control including demand-side to be ready for intermittent renewable energy sources. In the United States, however, there’s a need for highly reliable transmission and distribution networks.

Join us for an opportunity to advance a close working relationship between Japan and the U.S. to develop and deploy the smart grid in each nation.

Mar 19, 2011
CrisisCamp Strategy Session and OSM Editing for Sendai, Japan
Coalition Brewing

While there are many CrisisCamps around the globe for the Japanese relief effort, we will be having a small strategy session this Saturday to plan for a larger CrisisCamp track at the PDXOSGIS Unconference and Hackathon at the end of March. Some things we'll need to discuss are data sources, taxonomy (OSM presets for humanitarian relief), and coordination. There will be some editing so bring a laptop and be familiar with OSM (plenty of videos). 2724 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR, 97214

Mar 28, 2011 Mobile as a Platform for Change

We're pleased to present two speakers this month talking about how mobile technology is being used to collect information, help others, and change the world. RSVP at:

Renny Gleeson, Global Digital Strategies Director for Wieden+Kennedy, will talk about how corporations and their products are being used as platforms for social change. Renny's work with Nokia and other W+K clients has given him a unique vantage point to see how people are using products and infrastructure in ways these companies never imagined.

Marcelino Alvarez, Founder of Uncorked Studios, found himself depressed by the devastation in Japan and frustrated with the U.S. news coverage of the subsequent radiation problems. He wondered if he and his colleagues could do something about it by having providing a way for people on the ground to report radiation levels.

The idea and the sketch that accompanied it spurred a frenetic 48 hours of development resulting in where people can report the radiation levels they are measuring and other sources of radiation information is aggregated.

In the subsequent days, Uncorked Studios has learned many lessons from the differences in the way radiation is measured, where best to get radiation data, and how to help put the radiation levels in perspective.

With collaborators around the world helping them, they are now looking at expanding their efforts with a Kickstarter project to build portable geiger counters that can interface with mobile devices.

Join us for these two unique perspectives on how we can utilize these devices in our pockets to make a difference in the world.

Our Speakers

Marcelino Alvarez, Uncorked Studios

Marcelino left the Miami sun for the Portland rain and joined Wieden+Kenendy, Portland as a Senior Interactive Producer on Nike and EA. After a year, he was promoted to Executive Producer. During his 3.5 years at W+K, he led interactive production on Nike, Old Spice, Electronic Arts and Laika. During that time, he also produced a few select projects, including the iPhone app, the Nike Golf mobile website, and most notably, the Nike Chalkbot.

While at W+K, he and some friends started a creative side project called the Gorlochs. The Gorlochs have made several iPhone apps, including Boombox, Boombox Pro, and Kickball. In January 2010, Marcelino left W+K to pursue Gorlochs as a full-time endeavor. The Gorlochs worked with W+K on several projects, including the Procter & Gamble Winter Olympics interactive installation and the 2010 Nike Chalkbot. In 2011, Marcelino founded Uncorked Studios to work on mobile and web development projects.

Renny Gleeson, Wieden+Kennedy

Renny Gleeson began his career as a game developer, but quickly moved to advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi's digital arm. From there, he crossed over to dEliA*s before he was recruited by the NBA, where he led their marketing team and created online platforms for their major sponsors.

Currently, Renny is the Global Digital Strategies Director for Wieden+Kennedy, a cutting-edge advertising agency handling clients such as Nike, Nokia and Target. He also writes a blog, ouroboros, on new media. Many brands remain cautious about their online presence in the face of alien ad space, but as Renny says, "If you don't play, you're out of the game."

Jun 16, 2018
The Argument for a Heat Shock Protein Related Aging Switch in Humans
TVF&R Station 67

Join us on Zoom at

Steve Buss will share his knowledge on the Argument for a Heat Shock Protein Related Aging Switch in Humans.

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.