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Nov 3, 2011
PLUG November Meeting: Hands-on IPv6, Web Hosting with GitHub
Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09


Hands-On IPv6 Networking by Ted Mittelstaedt

Ted will wrap-up his multi-month series on IPv6 networking with some demonstrations of real-world DNS client and server configuration and web content serving.


Daniel Hedlund will give an introduction to GitHub and demonstrate some command line tools for interacting with GitHub and how you can host a website on GitHub using Octopress (

We will break for the Lucky Lab NW on Quimby after the meeting.

Dec 1, 2011
Portland Linux/Unix Group: Don't Fear the Autotools!
Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09

                  Don't Fear the Autotools!


                         Scott Garman

 Autoconf. Automake. Libtool. This trio of build configuration 
 utilities (known as the Autotools) are used in a large majority 
 of compiled software applications for Linux, but they remain a 
 mystery to many of us.

 In this gentle introduction to the Autotools, Scott Garman will 
 help lift the veil of uncertainty most people have about them. 
 You'll also learn about the Gnu Coding Standards and the Filesystem 
 Hierarchy Standard, two specifications which explain a lot of the 
 "why" behind the Autotools (yes, there is a method to this madness!). 
 Finally, Scott will offer some practical tips for understanding 
 and fixing errors you may see when building an Autotools-based 
 package. It's sure to be a fun romp for the whole family.
Jan 5, 2012
Portland Linux/Unix Group: The xkcd1k Eve Celebration
Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09
                        Keith Lofstrom

 Since 2005, Randall Munroe's, "A webcomic of romance,
 sarcasm, math, and language" has covered many topics dear to FOSS
 advocates and has been discussed on the PLUG list many times.
 The #1000 comic is expected to appear Friday January 6 just after
 midnight eastern time, making Thursday January 5 "xkcd1k eve".

 Join us for a celebration of XKCD1K eve at the PLUG general
 meeting.  We can display and discuss/explain some of the
 Free/Libre/Open source cartoons, the various weblogs and forums
 that have sprung up around them, draw our own cartoons (Keith
 will bring art paper and pens), perhaps discuss the technology
 of web comics.

 Homework:  bring your own list of favorite xkcd cartoons, and
 we will display them at the meeting.  Bring your artistic and
 "right brained" friends.  Bring your black porkpie hat.  If
 you are Richard Stallman, bring your katana sword.

 Afterwards, at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub at 1945 nw Quimby, we
 can welcome comic #1000, just after 9pm Pacific Time.  Or not,
 Randall is a trickster and may give us strip #1025, avoiding
 the definition the size of a "kilo" ( ) .
Oct 1, 2013
Dyn's Lunch and Learn: Load Balancing and DDOS Attacks
The Bluehour Restaurant

On Tuesday, October 1st at 11:30 AM, join us at The Bluehour Restaurant in the Pearl District of Portland, OR, for a free invite-only interactive lunch seminar featuring Dyn Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein and iovation’s Principal Infrastructure Architect Eric Rosenberry that will help educate you on:

  • The practice of using active/active failover
  • Preparing for DDoS attacks
  • Making full use of all web and application servers whether or not a failure has occurred
  • Expanding infrastructure without downtime...and more!

Attendance is limited, so make sure you register to get in:

Sep 20, 2018
ISSA Portland: DNS’s role in Securing Your Network
Columbia Square building

When it comes to your business, your network is the gateway to the world. Unfortunately, protecting your network from evolving threats is more difficult than ever. Device proliferation, BYOD, Internet of Things, virtualization, hybrid cloud adoption—all are crucial trends that enhance business performance. But they also add complexity and increase the attack surface. DNS is an essential component of network connectivity, but it has emerged as the number one threat vector for malware command and control, DDoS attacks, and data exfiltration. Even as your network modernizes and gains valuable new capabilities, threats multiply exponentially. During this session, learn more about DNS, threats to DNS infrastructure, and different methods to address these threats.

Speaker bio:

Kevin Zettel is a security-focused Technical Marketing Engineer who works with Infoblox to lock down the DNS and secure it for enterprises. Kevin knows that security is the center focus of companies and believes that without security, industries will unquestionably fall apart. Kevin has worked with the Infoblox Security Ecosystem to manage many security vendors such as McAfee, Cisco, ServiceNow, Aruba, and many others. He knows the security landscape and sees the necessity and demand that businesses have to secure their capital. With a degree from Central Washington University and an education in programming, Kevin has the technical know how to get secured.