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Jun 14, 2016
Digital First Responders Course presented by LMG Security
Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)

Join us for a 1-day Digital First Responder class! A great way to train your IT staff in fundamental incident response and digital forensic preservation, and ramp up new incident responders quickly and cost-effectively. Includes an Incident Response tabletop exercise plus three hands-on labs, in which you will create a forensic image, preserve volatile memory, and capture network traffic.

Tuition: $495 (Register by May 31 for the Early Bird $50 Discount!)

Instructor: Karen Sprenger, COO of LMG Security

NOVITAS DATA will be sponsor the venue at the MAC in Downtown Portland

FORTINET will sponsor the cocktail party afterward.

Aug 20, 2018
Digital Forensics
Northwest Academy

News today is thick with stories of government agencies trying to find digital evidence of wrongdoing: interrogating mobile phones for evidence, tracing emails to find a stalker or looking at a killer’s search history to discover motives. Digital forensic analysis now plays a pivotal role in both corporate and legal investigations. However, few outside of the industry understand the intricacies involved in a forensic undertaking — the capabilities and limitations of the forensics investigative process, the role of the digital forensic investigator or the extent of the laws governing these actions.

In this session, Tiberius Hefflin, Founder of Go Boldly, will delve into the basics of digital forensics. Attendees will learn what digital forensics draws from forensic science, how the law informs what a forensic investigator is ethically able to do, the many uses of digital forensics, evidence collection methods, anti-forensics methods, what the incident response process should look like and how they can maintain crime scene integrity until investigators can carry out an assessment.

While the subject is dense and could certainly be expanded, this introduction is aimed at those new to digital forensics with the goal of providing a solid foundational understanding which can be built upon with self directed learning.

Trigger Warning: Violent Crime, Child Abuse, Murder

While the talk will not cover these topics in great detail, Tiberius Hefflin will be discussing real crimes that have been solved due to digital forensics.

Join us for a great presentation and discussion! We'll have snacks, and there will be an opportunity for networking afterwards. We hope to see you there!

Schedule: 6:00 PM: Doors 6:10 PM: Introductions and news 6:15 PM: Presentation 7:15 PM: Q&A 7:30 PM: Wrap up and networking

Speaker bio:

Tibbs graduated from the University of the West of Scotland with a degree in computer security. She has since relocated to Portland, OR, where she evangelizes for privacy and security while doing Open Source Security Research at a large blue chip company. She is passionate about creating opportunity for diversity in the InfoSec community, teaching InfoSec best practices to average computer users, encouraging small children to learn more about STEM topics and about laughing at cats on the internet.

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