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Apr 4, 2009
16 Guidelines for LIfe
through Maitripa College

The 16 Guidelines provide a practical framework for reflecting on the way we think, speak and act, and for creating the causes to experience lasting happiness and meaning. The latest research being carried out by neuroscientists suggests that we all have the potential to continue developing and transforming our minds, from birth right up until death. The 16 Guidelines show us a way of doing this which will benefit both ourselves and other people. THE GLOBAL POTENTIAL OF THE GUIDELINES The 16 Guidelines are more than simply words: they are an inspiration for taking action in all kinds of ways to benefit oneself and others. Many workshop participants continue to use them not only on a personal level, but also in their working lives. Since they were first launched in 2007 they have inspired a range of practical projects – in schools, colleges, businesses, healthcare organisations, drug rehabilitation centres and prisons – all around the globe. They are currently being translated into over 6 different languages, and a range of multimedia resources for children, young people and adults is under development. Visit to find out more.