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Nov 7, 2010
Civicwebs Hackathon!
Revelation Inc

Coders unite! Come hack on community oriented applications, such as the ones listed on the Civicwebs Wiki!.

Who should come?

Those interested in making awesome, dorky, useful, and experimental technology that benefits those in the neighborhoods around them. Coders, graphic designers, interaction designers, or even activists or community members wanting to offer their input and expertise during the application building phase.

If you are coming, please add your project to the wiki ahead of time to get people excited about it!

If you can't get in, please call Max at 503 869 3861

CivicWebs talk! PDX area emergency preparedness
Revelation Inc

Jeremy O'Leary is gonna lay down some knowledge on Portland's "Community Emergency Response Teams" and start a discussion of how Portland can plan ahead for catastrophes.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come join in on the discussion! This talk was inspired by a conversation at an earlier CivicWebs that resulted in the notes on the above linked wiki page.

There will be free snacks! If you have trouble getting into the Albers milling co bldg, call Max at 503 869 3861

Feb 12, 2011
Civic Webs DataCamp Meetup
Research Club

Come and work with developers, designers, citizens, librarians, statisticians and urban planners to brainstorm and create applications that improve the city you live in. You don't need to process massive data sets, or have knowledge of the latest fancy database. We encourage "small data" projects and creativity in solving problems.

Examples of things to do: Projects such as: Opening data: Scraping public data:

Max Ogden will be co-hacking from Boston, where he's currently placed for his Code for America fellowship.