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Jun 12, 2013
Health & Life Science IT Forum: Quantified Self - Better Health with Devices and Apps
Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)

Can smart wrist bands, digital shoes or intelligent sweat pants make us healthier? Do our smart phones hold the power to enable our physicians to provide improved treatment and drive better health outcomes? Patient engagement is all the rage, but quantified patients are using fitness devices and apps to collect and interpret extensive data to make better health decisions in growing numbers, and the technology community is there to meet the growing demand for new and smarter tools.

Join TAO and HIMSS Oregon for a pre-panel expo that will feature cutting edge personal fitness devices and health and fitness apps from companies like Nike, Fitbit and Athletepath that are driving the quantified self. Then hear from leaders that are helping to define the way devices and apps can go beyond fitness to address our biggest healthcare challenges.

Is the quantified self the next healthcare revolution?



For more Information and to Register Click here

Apr 14, 2016
Jazz Guitarist Rodney Jones Presents "Music: A Gateway to Spiritual Experience"
Mediatheque Black Box Theater

Eckankar of Oregon and The Collaborative Design Program at PNCA are co-sponsoring a workshop entitled Music: A Gateway to Spiritual Experience featuring Rodney Jones, Thursday, April 14th, 7PM, at the Pacific Northwest College of the Arts at in the Mediatheque Black Box Theater, 511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR 97209.

Rodney is a member of The Juilliard School of Music faculty. He performed at the recently aired White House Tribute to Ray Charles.

This event is free to the public!

In his workshop, Rodney shares his personal experience as a musical vessel for the Divine. Telling stories from his work in multiple industries with major jazz greats such as Dizzy Gillespie & Lena Horne, he leads the audience to deepen their own personal connection with inner guidance in making music and living life. Forever a seeker of truth, Rodney offers key tools he's learned from his 40+ years studying the spiritual teachings of ECKANKAR.

Following his workshop, he will play a little bit of music with one of his protégés, David Rosenthal.

For more information about Rodney Jones: --Jones at back, to left of the mike.

Apr 11, 2019
through University of Oregon Portland

What is Technology? will examine interactions and transactions among practical arts and tools, techniques and processes, moral knowledge and imagination, to navigate our ever-changing world. In a broad sense, technology can be understood as methods of intelligent inquiry and problem-solving into all domains of life.

This year marks the ten-year anniversary and ninth annual What is…?, bringing together natural and social scientists, scholars, government officials, industry professionals, artists and designers, as well as alumni, students, community organizations, and the public. We invite proposals for scholarly papers, panels, and installations on a wide variety of issues and topics.

* Eric Schatzberg (Georgia Institute of Technology)
* Carolyn Marvin (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
* Colin Koopman (Univ. of Oregon)
* Nandini Ranganathan (Pacific NW College of Art)
* Clifford Christians (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
* Victoria Vesna (Art | Sci Center, UCLA)
* Larry Hickman (Southern Illinois Univ.)
* Carolyn R. Miller (North Carolina State Univ.)
* Kenji Williams (Beautiful Earth, NASA)
* Charlene Haddock Seigfried (Purdue Univ.)
* Mark Bedau (Reed College)
* Amber Case (IFTF)
* Peter Golding, Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland)
* Lana Rakow (Univ. of North Dakota)
* Scott Stroud (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
* Melissa Gregg (Intel)
* Christian Fuchs (Univ. of Westminster, UK)
* Donna Z. Davis (Univ. of Oregon Portland)
* Ward Cunningham (Wiki Inventor)

Apr 30, 2020
through University of Oregon Portland

What is Information? (2020) will investigate conceptualizations and implementations of information via material, representational, and hybrid frames. The conference-experience will consider information and its transformational æffects—from documents to data; from facts and fictions to pattern recognition; from physical information to differential equations; and from volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity to collective intelligence and wisdom.

The tenth annual What is…? examines tapestries, temperaments, and topologies of information lenses and practices—including—social and technical, mathematical and semantic, physical and biological, economic and political, cultural and environmental information. Scholars, government and community officials, industry professionals, alumni, students, as well as scientists, artists, filmmakers, grassroots community organizations, and the public are invited to collaborate. We welcome submissions for papers, panels, roundtables and installations.

Call For Proposals: