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May 12, 2015
Let's Explore Aequitas Capital with Shannon Kenyon (POWERED BY FREE PIZZA!)
Forge Portland - 1410 SW Morrison Street, Suite 850

We are thrilled to welcome our special guest speaker Shannon Kenyon, Learning + Talent Development Specialist at Aequitas Capital.

Shannon will share her career journey leading up to this position at Aequitas (through a series of practical Q&As). We will then do in-depth research on what Aequitas Capital is all about... their clients, competition, products, value proposition and much, much more!

The experience and value you will get from this meetup is going to be unlike any other you ever saw... You have my personal guarantee!

Oh, as always, this meetup is POWERED BY FREE PIZZA :)

Nov 9, 2016
I want to work for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (this month is RazorFish)
Forge Portland

For Novembers 'I want to work for_______' meetup we are excited to have with us Brynn Dirksen - Associate Art Director at Razorfish. She specializes in UX design and we look forward to hearing her thoughts and her journey in the digital marketing space.

An excerpt of her journey in her own words - "While I started my career in the design industry working on print projects, after joining Razorfish as an Art Director, I dove deep into the world of digital design. As a digital agency Razorfish has a large UX department, and from the get-go I was interested in this "experience-based” take on design. Razorfish encourages employees to experiment with other disciplines, and when I started exploring, UX opportunities immediately opened up for me. I had always enjoyed visual design but once experience design was thrown into the mix, the design problems I had once found interesting became truly fascinating. Jumping on the chance to expand my skill set lead me from a job I enjoyed, to one that I’m truly passionate about."