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Demolicious - May 2024

UpStart Collective Westside
2828 South Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)



UPDATE: MAY Demolicious will be at the new westside UpStart Collective location!

::::::: Applications for May are STILL OPEN! Please use the form below to apply to pitch.:::::::::::

Demolicious is back! This monthly pitch event brings together founders and the community to learn about what is being built here and around Portland.

How this all works: If you are a founder, you will apply to pitch here. Don't worry. "Apply" simply means you want to pitch, but there's no real competitive process to be accepted. We just want to see what you're working on before we put you in front of a room full of people.

You will be given 3 minutes to pitch at the event.

The audience will be given a number to text and vote for their favorite one. The one with the most votes will go home with the Demolicious Championship belt.

The belt is not for you to keep as you will have to come back and "defend" it. However, you will be allowed to put your startup sticker (if applicable) on the belt for all to see and to live on forever in infamy!

We will post the projects/companies that will be pitching a week prior to the event. Which means you have until then to fill out the form.

Teams Pitching: TBA

Will you be the next founder to pitch!?!