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PDXPUG: Developing Your Own Database Extensions

830 NE Holldaday St
Portland, Oregon 97232, USA (map)



Speaker: Jerry Sievert

Extensions are part of what makes Postgres such a powerful and popular database. Being able to add new capabilities to your database allows developers to adapt Postgres to many different use cases from geospatial (PostGIS), to multi-server sharding (Citus), to custom datatypes (pg_semver), to foreign data wrappers (postgres_fdw), and others.

Jerry is going to walk us through getting started working on database extensions. We will cover how extensions work and getting started authoring your very own first database extension! Time permitting, and with interest, we will cover operators and types. This talk is intended for all developers and DBA’s alike, so bring your questions. If you have a favorite extension, we want to know, so bring it to the discussion. I’ll go first: favorite extension: most flavors of FDW’s for sure.

Now a bit about Jerry. He’s currently working at Hydra (https://hydra.so/) on data warehousing with Postgres, but has been using Postgres for waaaay too long. If you’ve ever used PLJS (https://github.com/plv8/pljs), he’s the author, and he is the maintainer of PLV8 (https://plv8.github.io/).