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Marketing Yourself as an OUT Entrepreneur

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting



As founders, we understand that a personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you, you.

So how does that differ when you're an LGBTQ+ founder?

How can our personal brand as an Out founder build up resiliency in the companies we're leading?

What can we learn from marketing a company to also build our personal brand?

Join StartOut for a night of insight and networking from key marketing strategists. Together, we will make new connections, learn about key PR strategies, and get some useful tips on how to lead with your multiple identities and unique story while networking.

Moderator: AJ DeLeón, Co-Founder of Innovare

Innovare is an ed tech firm disrupting education via data strategy. AJ is a Latinx LGBT entrepreneur and networking master.

Featured Expert: Danielle Roberts

Danielle is a queer, multi-passionate entrepreneur. She co-founded Tail of Two Creatives, LLC., a Wordpress web design agency, alongside her wife in 2017. Through the agency, they built Inclusive Apparel Co., an e-commerce store, to fuel donations to LGBTQIA+ organizations, and they routinely build pro-bono sites for queer businesses and other non-profits that align with the company's values.

Danielle also began a coaching business in 2020, where she works alongside other ambitious millennials to uncover limiting beliefs and unlock the next level of their personal and professional lives through career development, business strategy, productivity techniques, and mindset support.

In her free time, she hosts a podcast called The Darn Good Life, loves cuddling with her two Australian Shepherd rescues, and enjoys biking to breweries on the weekends.

Whether meeting Danielle in a business meeting or for a beer, she shows up the same way in her work as she does in her life - out, proud, and ready to leave this world better than she found it. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn here.