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Press releases for startups

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or many startups, getting press coverage โ€” earned media โ€” can be one of the most cost effective means of promoting products and engaging with new users. But how are you supposed to actually go about getting that type of coverage? ๐Ÿค”

Let's start demystifying that whole process with one of the most simple โ€” yet poorly used and misunderstood โ€” tools at your disposal: the humble press release.

I've been working with media and pitching startup stories since last century. I can โ€” and do โ€” write press releases in my sleep, at this point. In this free session, I'll share my tips and tricks to help you craft compelling press releases, whether it's the first time you've written one or the hundredth time you've tried.

So if you've had questions about press releases, can't understand why your press releases never work, or are scared of even beginning to compose a press release, trust that I've created this session especially for you.

Please join me! It's free.