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Community Manager Meetup: The basics of Vendors & Community



Talk about Community Management. Do you run a Meetup group, Facebook group, Online group, support community, or other type of community-based group? We are a collection of professionals sharing information related to the art of Community Management. Join Us!

There are a lot of fund raising strategies for your community group. As your community grows you may need to raise funds and you might look at utilizing the vendors in your community as funding sources.

In this presentation and discussion, we will talk about:

  • The breadth of fundraising strategies by communities, and typical revenue models
  • Considerations of legally incorporating as a 501c3 vs other options
  • Identifying vendors in your community and evaluating their financial potential
  • Tips doing outreach to vendors when asking for money
  • Understanding what vendors want in exchange for money, and possible ways to balance the interests of everyone
  • Objections your vendors might have and ways to negotiate

Bring your experience working with vendors and sponsors. Where have you found success, what horror stories do you have, and think about how we can help other communities do this better.