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Oregon Data Community - July 8th Meeting



Michael Wall Polybase – It’s What’s for Dinner

Polybase is Microsoft’s great new replacement to linked servers. With the current version in SQL Server 2019, one can connect to multiple data sources such as Teradata, Apache, Hadoop, Oracle, and many many more. We will review best practices for setting up Polybase and its Scale-Out groups as well as showing how it interacts in an AlwaysOn Availabilty Group. When Scaling-Out (up!), Polybase is able to work harder and deliver more data. What happens when one of its node disappears? We will have a live demo demonstrating how to manage the Scale-Out group when bad things happen. In addition, the DMVs for managing Polybase will be reviewed, and finally, there will be results of the impact of using multiple nodes in the Scale-Out group on the Polybase queries!