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PDXRust Meetup: NES Emulation in Rust

1120 NW Couch St., Suite 320
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

You'll need to check in with the Mozilla office front desk, on the third floor. The elevators lock at 6pm, but when there's an evening event scheduled, they should stay open until 7pm.

Mozilla is on the block across NW 11th St from Powell's City of Books on Burnside. Entrance is by Peet's Coffee on Couch St. Take the elevator to the third floor. Around the corner, there's a glass door with a big Mozilla logo on it. We're Suite 320.



The Nintendo Entertainment System shaped an entire generation which has since spurred hundreds of emulators in the following decades. Luke Petherbridge will present a fully featured Rust implementation that will highlight many of the important strengths of Rust such as strong typing, memory safety, traits, trait objects, and generics. Web Assembly (wasm) possibilities for the future will also be covered briefly.

Luke got into Rust about a year ago, when he took a class at PSU with Bart Massey. He immediately fell in love with the language and is currently working on a lightweight 2D rendering and physics library in Rust to both supplement his NES emulator and provide future game creation/visualization possibilities.