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PDX Ruby Monthly Meeting

Planet Argon
3530 N Vancouver Ave. #300
Portland, OR 97227, US (map)



The March meeting will be held at Planet Argon, where we're going to learn about the gradual type checker for Ruby called Sorbet, from Getty Ritter and Trevor Elliott who maintain the project at Stripe.

Abstract: "In June 2019, Stripe open-sourced Sorbet, a fast and powerful type checker for Ruby and a tool that has come to be indispensable for writing Ruby code at Stripe. We’ll discuss why and how we built Sorbet, including how specific choices and tradeoffs affected its design and adoption, as well as the experiences we’ve had in adopting, using, and open-sourcing Sorbet, and where we plan to take Sorbet from here."

Our second speaker of the evening will be the new/old organizer of PDX.rb Jonan, with a look through some rarely explored features of Ruby that may surprise you.

Come be social and make some new Ruby friends, we're looking forward to seeing you there!